Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jan takes delivery

There I was at 8:30 this morning examining the inside of my eyelids waiting for my tea and digestive biscuit…. waiting…..waiting…..waiting…… still waiting!  Meanwhile Jan prepared to catch the bus to Calcot and shop for the fresh fruit and veg.

Whilst Jan was away I boiled water… not because a baby was due…. because I anticipated the water tap would be frozen.  I was wrong erred in my judgement as the water was flowing.  The tank was half empty because; being moored beside the tap; we haven’t been very frugal with our water usage.  The tap is a slow filler which gave plenty of time to render last night’s TV recording.

Whilst Jan was away two parcels were delivered for her.  The first was the new kettle.  It is a perfect fit on the Refleks stove. She purchased it online as it was just over half the price of the best price we could find in any high street shop.

The triangular shape should make it more stable.

Jan has also been thinking of knitting herself a warm cardigan.  She has found a pattern she likes and also purchased the wool which was in the second parcel.

White probably isn’t the best colour to wear on a narrowboat so she has chosen lavender.

The skeins of wool are HUGE.  The tissue box is in the photo to give some idea of size.  Apparently it was cheaper to purchase the wool this way.


One Thing After Another said...

Digestive biscuits for breakfast!?!?!?!

Tom and Jan said...

I've already eaten the gingernuts

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Great pattern Jan. Will look forward to seeing pics of the finished article.
I knitted an Aaron cardi many years ago. I call it my Severn Valley jumper because I sat on the grass and knitted while Mike and the boys rode up and down and up and down on the steam train. I waved as they went past so everyone was happy. I still have it but it's changed shape a lot over the years. It now resembles a onesy!!
Happy days :-))

Nb Duxllandyn said...

Just seen it.....Ginger MUTS ?? !!!

Eating steange coloured dogs??

Keep taking those tablets Tom - the stress levels are clearly not improving yet :-))


Tom and Jan said...

Marian I've no doubt that you and Jan could swap knitting stories for days. And people do eat dogs... The Chinese and Koreans do it regularly. I've tried some strange critters myself (beaver, bear, etc) but the biscuits were gingernuts! However you did have me going for a few minutes whilst I loaded the blog comments :-)

John/Waimaru said...


Can you tell us where you found the kettle please. Not too many around, and the last one we found is not going to last long.

Many thanks


Caroline said...

Hello Jan you might like to look at the knitting patterns on this site, there are lots and they are free! I've knitted quite a lot, most are easy to follow, regards Caroline.

Tom and Jan said...


Jan found it online at link here. The purchase and delivery emails came from DAWSONS DEPARTMENT STORE. The kettle cost £35.95 but if you purchase now there is a further 10% discount (promotion code JN10).



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Caroline

I showed Jan the website you sent and she told me it looks interesting.


Tom & Jan