Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another 100 Yards

Yes, we’ve moved again.  This time it was through the lift bridge and into the pound where we moored at the facilities block to fill the water tank.  Managed to do it in between showers! 

Jan very kindly waited whilst all the vehicles crossed the lift bridge over the A340 before raising it.  This tested my ability to keep Waiouru ‘hovering’ in midstream waiting for her to raise it.  Chewed my nails to the quick but got there in the end without damaging anything. 

You may have noticed the bright yellow mooring lines in the photo above.  They are the original ropes that came with the fenders and I spliced the lengths together to make two lines which we plan to keep should we require any cordage in an emergency.  I’ve been testing the strength of my splices and they appear to be satisfactory.

Jan now has a new view from the side hatch which has pleased her no end!

Next stop is another 100 yards up through the lock .Smile  There is now no water flowing over the upstream gates of the lock so obviously the water level has started to drop.  But more rain is forecast which means we’ll have to keep and eye on the river conditions before deciding to head west to Newbury.   Later this afternoon I walked downstream to Ufton Lane with the purpose of examining the river conditions.  The canal and River Kennet converge immediately downstream from the twin bridges and therefore is a good location to compare the two.  As you would expect, the canal looks quite calm.  However the level and speed of the water in the river is greater than I’ve previously seen.  Much as we would like to cruise, risk aversion dictates we stay where we are.

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