Tuesday, 22 January 2013

An outing

Today we caught the Jet Black bus from Aldermaston but for a change went to Reading and did some window shopping.  Neither of us are good window shoppers, we like to have a clear objective rather than just browsing.  To enforce some motivation we decided to look for a suitable kettle for the top of the Refleks stove and some crates to fit onto the folding sack trolley.  Success with the latter but only an idea for the former.  It’s interesting to realise how focussed you get about being a minimalist when it comes to possessions living on a boat.  We previously searched very thoroughly to find a suitable folding sack trolley which was low cost, robust, and would fit into the available small alcove.  Jan has also recognised there will be times when large delivers of groceries will have to be carried back to Waiouru.  Rather than develop arms of a gorilla we’re going to attempt to use the sack trolley.  But the plastic and canvas bags don’t sit all that well on the “toe” of the trolley.  We need something that is both rigid and doesn’t take up much room.  We may have found the solution.

Jan found these in Wilkinsons.  It’s a plastic crate rated at 12kg and she purchased two.

The  crate collapses

And is then just over 1” thick

They both fit into the sack trolley alcove and have actually stopped it rattling.

Jan has also been waving her crochet needle about.  Last year Marian (nb Duxllandyn) kindly sent her some wool.  Jan has been considering how to use it and it looks like she had come to a decision.  We have rubber foam bungs for the portholes

This is Jan’s second attempt as she wasn’t satisfied with her first effort.  Notice the colours of the wool Marian sent Jan are the same as Waiouru!  Thank you Marian……..

The last thing I will mention is there has been a rather odious smell in the boat during the last 24 hours.  I didn’t want to give offence so kept my opinion to myself.  However Jan took off one of her slippers and gave it a sniff before replacing it.  She subsequently told me she though the smell was coming from me (I don’t know why she’d think that?).  In the end she realised the contents of the galley rubbish bin had started to ferment in the warmth of the cabin.  Nice to know I don’t have a personal hygiene problem!  Smile

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Nb Duxllandyn said...

Hey Hey! That looks really great. I am in awe of your craft skills Jan and really pleased that the yarn is coming in handy.
I can vouch for the crates - we have several and use them for all sorts.
My old job needed me to trug large loads of papers from A to B using a trolley. You might find a couple of bungee straps help keep the load on the footplate.
Sorry that your travels are postponed yet again but good to hear you're in good humour and cosy warm.