Sunday, 16 December 2012

Working on the wiring

The morning was mild and clear which enabled us to get out and do some Christmas food shopping.  This proved to be a good decision as in the afternoon the mercury dropped and the sky opened.  The freezer is now full and the cupboards fully stocked with dry goods.  All we will need to shop for over Christmas is fresh fruit and veg.

Back at the yard a letter had arrived for Jan.  It was from the Royal Mail notifying her a parcel had arrived from Australia and the assessed VAT plus delivery charges came to £29.  The parcel contains some old (used) knitting patterns which belonged to my mother.  The patterns are worth less than the VAT so there is no way we’re paying the £29.  The advice notice states unless the £29 is paid within 20 days the parcel will be returned to sender.  Looks like it will be clocking up some air-miles! Smile

During the afternoon I made a start on the GSM module wiring.  I’m taking this very slowly as the last thing I want to do is damage the module. 

Top to Bottom.  Wireless receiver/transmitter, GSM/GPS Module, Empirbus GSM node. 

After taking this photo I’ve been able to wire the transmitter/receiver and validate it works.  The wiring to the GSM and GPS aerials are also now connected along with the wiring to the midships Empirbus node.  The outstanding work is to complete the wiring between the GSM module and the GSM node.  The system then needs to be configured and tested.

I’ve also been thinking of further ways to utilise the power of the Empirbus system.  The are a number of spare output terminals on the stern node. It should be possible to use one of these to control a 12v relay.  The other side of the relay could then be cut into the Beta engine stop button wiring.  This would enable the Empirbus system to remotely stop the engine either by using the master isolation switch; the remote key fob; or by sending the boat a text message.  Why do this?  Well the Beta ignition key seems to be very generic and at the moment it would be possible to start the engine with almost any Beta key before motoring off with the boat.  Provided the thief didn’t enter the cabin the motion detectors wouldn’t be activated.  Of course the GSM/GPS module would send a text message advising the boat was moving and keep updating it’s location in real time.  By adding the engine immobiliser into the system it would be possible to remotely stop the boat once the police had arrived on the scene.  Am I going to an extreme?  Perhaps; but then the cost of a 12v relay is just over £3 and that’s the only additional equipment required to install the proposed functionality.

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Lisa said...

Dear Both,
We had a same but different run in with Royal Mail when our daughter was leaving Aus after working there a year, she was returning home via the far east so sent all her winter clothes home to me, where on I was charged for New Clothes, although I had to pay it to Royal Mail, I contacted Customs and after an exchange of letters got a full refund.
Good luck or if they are returned to Aus, get them "Resent" and print on the packet Worthless knitting patterns!!! That Britain for you,
Happy sailing soon and Happy Christmas very soon,
NB What a Lark