Saturday, 22 December 2012

Phew… Hot stuff!

Until yesterday we’ve had to remove some condensation off the inside of the porthole and Houdini frames.  The volume hasn’t been great and no condensation is forming on the actual double glazing.  Obviously we are creating the humidity from perspiration, breathing or the cooking.  However we’ve noticed a significant decrease in condensation over the last couple of days and it coincides with the running of the Refleks stove.  The little stove is really belting out the heat despite it being on the lowest possible setting.  The inside of Waiouru is now so warm Jan occasionally opens the side hatch for a few minutes to lower the temperature.  We obviously have a very warm boat.  Which of course was part of the plan.  The thick spray foam, underfloor insulation, double glazing, extensive central heating system and diesel stove have all contributed to achieve this desired outcome.

We may turn off the Refleks tomorrow and go back to the Hurricane just to see what occurs.  It would also be a good idea to fill the diesel tanks and get an idea of consumption.

Richard and James were aboard to redrill the holes in the floor for the extension to the spare bed in the back cabin.  The original holes were covered with vinyl when Martin laid the flooring.  I’ve been thinking we need to fit a rug or some carpet over the holes to prevent them from getting clogged with debris.  Due to the almost continuous rain there was no further work on completing the exterior painting.

The first of the sons arrive tomorrow.  We’ve seen their comments on Facebook and noted their upgrade by Qantas to First Class.  Only way to travel Smile  The marvel of modern communications means we can follow their progress.  However son No 3 is a hardened international backpacker with short arms and deep pockets.  He’s travelling with China East Airlines (cattle-class) and is probably eating boiled rice with chopsticks.

Unfortunately all this rain means we are unwilling to go for a cruise and the Kennet & Avon is currently looking a little too fierce for novices with a new boat!  Oh well…… Another day.

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