Friday, 21 December 2012

On Display

A couple of interesting things have recently occurred and we now appear legally ready to start cruising.  Our boat index number transfers from The Graphic Boat have arrived and Darren kindly applied them.  Jan watch closely as she will be responsible for applying any future graphics (Although she doesn’t yet know this!)  Jan and Darren decided on the precise location to display the number.  they are frequently displayed high on the semi-trad handrail but Jan though the numbers might get damaged by the pram cover.  Consequentially she has moved them forward of the recessed panels.

They were accompanied by a very amusing letter which I would love to reproduce here if I could only find it.  Somehow in all the moving of furniture and chattels it’s gone astray! Sad smile

CaRT also banked our cheque and mailed us our annual boat license labels.

Oh…. Did I mention it has been raining? Smile

The license labels have been laminated <reminder note to self to purchase a cheap laminator> and Jan then stuck them on the inside of a porthole window either side of the boat.

One thing puzzled me about the license and as a consequence I’ve written back to the Boat Licensing Team.  Did you also notice the same thing as me?

We applied for the license in November even though it was apparent Waiouru wouldn’t be finished until December.  One option was to delay the application until Waiouru was finished but we felt we were in the water and should therefore have a license.  The annual cost of the license for our first year was almost £800 <ouch>.  So we were really grateful that CaRT has apparently given us a license for two years!  It’s nice to be valued as a new customer !Smile


Steve said...

Now that could be value for money, buy one get one free :-)

Tom and Jan said...

LOL The problem is I'm too honest and contact CRT to ask if Santa had made a spacial delivery? Apparently not and they are sending two correct discs!

James and Debbie said...

Lidl had a small laminator in store for (I think) about £14

Ian said...


It would be interesting to see what the legal situation would have been there!

"I'm sorry - you're mistaken. I'm clearly licensed until the end of 2014"

"Nice try, sir! Unfortunately, that licence is the wrong colour for 2014"

"Are you sure?? I hear you sometimes get printing errors on these CRT licences" ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,

Apparently they are not changing the colour so we could have kept the discs :-) But that would have been the wrong way to start a relationship!
CART have now posted us replacement discs with the correct date.

Tom and Jan said...

We had better follow-up on James & Debbie's comment and check Lidl for a laminator.

Elly and Mick said...

Tom, I miss my laminator from home but have resorted to our old office method using wide clear packing tape. It worked a treat on our licence labels! I didn't want another gadget to store. Elly

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Elly,
CRT have informed me they will send us a couple of complementary licence holders seeing we've been so honest by informing them about the error.