Sunday, 2 December 2012


Before hitting the pillows last night we had a discussion whether a trip to Newbury today might be a good idea as there were a number of things on our shopping list.  These included two styles of robe hooks for the wardrobes; a vacuum bag for the 13.5 Tog duvet; and some coat hangers.  Jan had been doing the internet research whilst I went through the Screwfix catalogue.

This morning we confirmed the decision to make the trip and left Waiouru in Darren’s capable hands.  He planned to paint the cratch floor and back deck along with applying mastic to the vertical joins in the side hatch gutters.

The nearest bus stop is across the railway line and around the corner on the A4.  Whilst we had left in plenty of time the Black 1 (local Reading-Newbury) bus was already waiting at the stop.  You know what’s going to happen.  Just as you’re about to reach the bus the driver departs!  And that’s exactly what he attempted to do to two aged concession card holders.  We waved our green cards at him and he stopped the bus.  One phase was uttered “We Go!”  The amusing thing was the bus only had one other passenger and when we reached the next village the driver had another compulsory stop whilst waiting to get back on timetable.

Our first destination on reaching Newbury was Dunelm Mill where Jan went looking for coat hangers that were on “special”.  A discounted box of 10 wooden hangers were duly purchased.  Next we wandered to the local Screwfix, partially via the towpath, where 10 small chrome coat hooks were purchased.  Then it was on to the town centre and Wilkinsons where Jan found two large vacuum storage bags.  Whilst walking around the store I noticed some side plate display racks.  They consisted of a two small wire frame clips connected by a couple of coil springs.  A few months ago I got carried away on eBay and purchased three bread and butter plates with canal scenes on them.  I wanted to display them in Waiouru and have been thinking how to secure them to the cabin side.  I’d actually picked up three wire plate clips when I realised they may not do what I want.  The sides of Waiouru above the gunwale lean inwards (tumblehome) so anything placed on a hook will hang vertically rather than flush against the cabin side.  There must be a solution…. I just haven’t thought of it!  Meanwhile Jan has indicated she doesn’t particularly like the plates and consequentially isn’t all that interested in finding a solution.

We had a light lunch in a small cafe/bakery down a side street.  Big mistake!  Jan’s coffee was cold; the portions were small; and the staff were disinterested!  Won’t be going back there!

After wandering back to the bus station we boarded the Black 1 bus only to be asked to disembark 5 minutes later.  The bus was missing the non-driver side mirror and the driver wasn’t prepared to depart without one.  The bus was taken away to be replaced and whilst we waited the 104 arrived.  It’s route takes the bus through the middle of Aldermaston Wharf meaning the walk back to Waiouru would be much shorter.  However it’s also a long and meandering indirect journey through the local countryside.  But we had plenty of time and the trip would be a change to the usual scenery.  Boy….. did that driver take us down some narrow lanes!!!

On returning to Waiouru we found her very cold and the mercury was continuing to plunge.  The Hurricane central heating was turned on and we both sat around waiting for the boat to warm up.  After 30 minutes Jan mentioned “It doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer!”  and “There’s no heat from the radiator box my side!”  I checked the thermostat in the saloon…. OOPS.  It was set for ‘winterization’ which means it won’t start until the temperature falls below 16C and will turn off when 16C is reached. Smile

So Waiouru is now warm; the clothes are hanging in the wardrobes; and I have a job tomorrow screwing hooks to various walls!

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Blutack attached to bottom of plate and plate hooks from John Lewis these stick on but cab be removed if neccessary without damaging plate