Saturday, 15 December 2012

More wiring

Last night we installed some additional lighting.  This time it was runway lights down the centreline of the roof in anticipate of a night delivery in the near future.

Photo taken with the camera flash which has reduced the effect of the LEDs

Photo taken without the flash but the slow shutter speed resulted in some blurring caused by wobbling hands Smile

I like the way the slow shutter speed has made the light from the LEDs look like bubbles

The lights have a multi-function setting.  After trying the static (always on), flashing and running options Jan settled on the last remaining option which results in all the lights fading on and off.

We woke this morning to a much milder day which then settled into reasonably steady rain.  I think we prefer the dry and frosty to the rain!

Midday I started fiddling with reprogramming the Hurricane thermostat/timer on the wall in the saloon.  It has the ability to have four time settings for each day of the week and two heating zones (the entire boat or just the calorifier).  I’ve decided we don’t need a different set of timings for each day of the week and neither do we need four timings each day.  As we intend to live aboard I think there is only a need for a daytime and night setting.  Moreover every day can be the same.  So the Hurricane is now programmed to heat the boat to 21°C between 0700-2130 and 16°C between 2130-0730 every 24 hours.  Now all we need do is actually run the Hurricane for 24 hours to confirm my fiddling programming has worked.

Later in the afternoon we had a phone call from SatNav Repairs to advise the Garmin gps has been fixed and will be posted back on Monday.  I’m astonished!  The post office gave the delivery time as 3:00pm Friday and an hour later SatNav Repairs have repaired it!  As I thought; it was a software problem, although I had a nagging doubt there might also be a hardware issue.  The quote from SatNav Repairs was less than half that emailed to me by Garmin UK.  Of course I would have been happier if the fault hadn’t occurred.  But I’m quite pleased with the result!

Jan has finished knitting the woollen “beanies” for the three sons who will be with us over Christmas and has gone back to knitting her next lap blanket.  Whilst I have started to look at the wiring for the GSM/GPS module.  All the wiring needs to be completed very soon.  Once that is complete I’ll start on the software.  I’m hoping this will be easier as all it should (I hope) entail is entering the text commands to enable communication between Waiouru and a mobile phone.


Anonymous said...

be interesting to see what your diesel usage is with those hurricane settings

Tom and Jan said...

LOL..... So will we !!