Monday, 31 December 2012

More data for Open Street Map

A morning Skype call to mum in Perth, Western Australia exposed the contrast in the weather we are each experiencing.  She is suffering 40°C+ days and the evaporative air-conditioning system can’t cope with the load.  Fortunately she also has a refrigerated air-conditioner but I’d hate to think what would happen to her if there was a power failure.  Hopefully she would run a cold bath and sit in it!  I must mention that during our next call.  Meanwhile, on Waiouru we’ve been buffeted by the wind during the night and there’s still the odd shower.  Funny to think the year started with a drought! 

I went for the usual Sunday walk this morning and when I reached the fields at the end of Mill Lane I realised I’d have to vary my planned route.

My footpath is now a lake! Sad smile

I had to backtrack and complete a 2km detour to reach the high ground on the far side.  Now the gps is back working I was able to record three small footpaths that are not on Open Street Map (OSM).  On my return they were checked in Garmin Mapsource before uploading and editing in OSM.

Gps traces in red

The new “lake” was also my route back to Waiouru.  Consequentially it was a longer walk than anticipated returning via Aldermaston Village.

The village hall.

I rather like this old house.  The timber bracing around the brickwork is decaying and there doesn’t appear to be a straight or vertical edge in the exterior of the structure.  The height of the white front door is less than five feet.  Were people that short when the house was built or has the level of the ground in front of the door been raised?  It looks the former!

Back at Waiouru Jan had visitors with Sue and Kevin (nb Meander) calling in to say hello.  They wintered over at Aldermaston Wharf last year.  This year Meander is wintering over at Overwater Marina just north of Audlem on the Shropshire Union.  It was nice of Sue & Kevin to make the effort to visit and we’ll possibility meet out on the cut sometime in 2013.


DougF said...

Tom, all the best to you and Jan for 2013. I have enjoyed lurking around your blog for the past five or so months, and waiting for the day that you finally leave Aldermaston and set us all some navigational challenges as we try and figure out where you are.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Doug,
I would never have assessed you of all people as a lurker! :-)
The ark is waiting for the waters to subside before we decide on our next move. Two lock closures in critical locations isn't helping.
May 2013 be a great year for the two of you!