Sunday, 23 December 2012

I’ve never been known to be a pheasant plucker

Until today…….!  Graham knocked on the side of Waiouru and offered us one he’d shot yesterday.  Now you don’t get pheasants in Australia but despite this both sons said they were pheasant pluckers and volunteered to take on the task.
Steve demonstrates his technique having dressed (more accurately…undressed) a rabbit just before leaving Australia
The trusty Leatherman knife proved to be very useful.
Myles also shows his plucking skills
Back at Waiouru preparing it for the pot
Ready to be turned into deboned breast and drumsticks
Now everyone is searching the internet looking for the best way to cook it.  Consensus is that in overall appearance it looks very similar to rabbit.  All we need to do is to remove the smell from inside the boat.  And thank you Graham!
The weather has been rather miserable today so only one brief walk down to the lock where we explained its modus operandi to Myles and Steve.  We’ll do the same for Daniel when he arrives later tonight.  Tomorrow we plan a very (very) short cruise down through the lock, wind, and then return to the same mooring.  We’ve just received a phone call from Daniel to advise he has arrived and is now on the bus from Heathrow to Reading Railway Station.
Waiouru is now starting to get rather crowded.  The spare berth was tested last night by Steve & Myles.  They report the mattress is very comfortable.  Although this may be due to jet-lag!
Their eyeballs are starting to look less like a London streetmap Smile


Nb Duxllandyn said...

It's good to hear that the lads have all arrived safely. I hear there was some delays and train problems in and around Heathrow yesterday.
Our son flew in from Perth on Thursday (our other 2 sons are just a bit more local!)
We'll have all ours with us on Christmas Day too. Grand to have them all around isn't it! :-))
Have a wonderful time

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian
Good to read that one of your sons has made the long trip from Perth to spend time with his mum & dad. Ours have now all arrived and there were no transport problems from Heathrow to Reading. Bit of a squeeze on the boat but I'm sure we'll manage!
Have a great Christmas.
Tom & Jan