Friday, 14 December 2012

Ice on the water!

After two cold days this morning we woke to ice on the canal.  It hadn’t reached the bank and wasn’t very thick.  But it’s the first ice we’ve seen on the cut this winter.  From the open side hatch doors Jan called Ollie the swan over for breakfast.  Actually we’ve discovered it should be Olivia because Ollie is a girl!  Poor Olivia couldn’t walk on the ice and neither could she swim through it.  In the end she just broken up all the ice around Waiouru.  This good deed was rewarded with food.  However no sooner had Olivia started to eat when Sherlock, Mycroft, Moriati and Nellie (the four local ducks) put in an appearance.  It appears swans and ducks have short memories as they wanted breakfast twice!

Jan decided she was going to give Candy a thrashing and do more laundry.  Then she was going to baking a cake.  Whilst I had to catch the bus to Newbury Post Office so I could post the defective Garmin gps away to have it repaired.  It has been sent to SatNav Repairs in London.  I had previously emailed them a description of the defect and received an estimated cost to repair on the basis of “No Fix… No Cost”.  Their website states repairs will take 3-5 working days so I should be back in action by the end of next week.

The next stop was Screwfix as we have decided to purchase a second carbon-monoxide detector.  Of course they didn’t have the model I wanted in stock, however a suitable battery powered alternative was available.

The first CO detector has been mounted quite high, but this one will eventually be fitted beside our bed at sleeping height.  In the interim it will site on the finrad box in the saloon as our youngest son will be sleeping in the saloon over Christmas.  In a few years he’s likely to be involved in the selection of our nursing home so we need to ensure he’s favourably disposed towards us and retains as many retaining grey cells as possible! Smile

Because Jan wasn’t with me to prevent me pulling out our “flexible friend” I was able to “splash out” in the 99p shop.  We now own:

  • 2 box cutters with six spare blades
  • Aerosol of de-icer (for the padlocks)
  • Box of disposable surgical gloves (engine oil change – toilet problems)
  • Box of assorted size automobile fuses
  • Aerosol of WD40

Back at Waiouru fellow boater, Paul had given Jan a set of engraved plates we required to make Waiouru legal.  Paul and Jeanette operate an engraving business (Jeanette’s Engravers) and it was very good of them to make our plates.  They look terrific……

Now we have the engraved plates it was obvious what I would be doing after lunch.

My initial idea had been fix the plates by drilling and screwing, however Paul suggested construction adhesive.  So apart from the CE Plate, that’s how it was done.

The switch label plate was the first to be fitted.  I was somewhat concerned I may have erred in my measurements for the plate but that proved to be unfounded.

If you’ve been following the build you may notice the switches have been changed.  Despite being IP rated, the original stainless steel switches weren’t water resistant and two of them subsequently failed.  They have been replaced with rubber coated momentary action switches.

One CIN (Craft Identification Number) plate was then fitted to the starboard side of the stern.

I could have fitted it to the other side of the red “Dolly” (anchor point) but in that location it might get damaged by the end of the gangplank. The 2nd CIN plate has been fitted in a secret location.  I’d tell you where……. except it would no longer be a secret.  You’ll need to purchase Waiouru to read the location in the Owners Manual Smile

The CE Plate and shore power label were the last to be fitted.

The last of the mandatory labelling has now been completed.  We’re waiting on the boat index number decals and the CaRT licence labels.  Both are apparently in care of Royal Mail.  Hopefully the carpet and vinyl layers will arrive tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

amazed you can find the bus stop without the sat nav! and whats wrong with the local post office in woolhampton? local services need all the help they can get, no excuses i was going to newbury anyway, this wont wash as you could have dropped it off on one of your walks, oh sorry you would not be able to find it without sat nav!

Tom and Jan said...

I've been waiting for one of the locals to give me directions to the Post Office at Woolhampton. Oh.... I forgot... he recently moved to Newbury!