Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Google Analytics

Every so often I look at Google Analytics to see where the blog traffic is originating. Mostly it’s to identify other boaters blogs as we are interested in their experiences.  Yesterday I found Narrowboat Sokai and have now placed Beryl & Dave on our blog roll.  I’ll follow their posts with interest.  If you have Waiouru on your blog list please send us a comment and I’ll cross link.

Analytics reports 7493 people have visited the blog and 56% of them have come from another site whilst 25% arrived directly. The remainder arrived via a search engine. On average the visitor spends 1 minute 19 seconds looking at the blog. Well that surprised me…… I’d expect it to take far less time to skim through this rubbish! Winking smile Looking at the visits per day there was a 33% increase on the 25th November. After going back and reading the content of that post I’m now confused as it had almost nothing to do with boating. I’m sure the data in Analytics could be used to increase the target audience. But I don’t have any targets. The blog simply contains the ramblings of a retiree.   LOL.

Back to boat building.   I had a meeting with Andy yesterday during which he suggested we test more of the systems on Waiouru before our planned departure at the end of the week.  It made sense so yesterday I turned off the shore-power at 4:00pm.  The intention was to see how much the battery capacity dropped by (as a percentage) over a 16 hour period.  We would then run the engine and recharge the domestic battery bank.  This would give us an indication of how long on average the engine needs to be run to recharge the batteries.  My idea was to turn the engine off when the batteries reached “float”.  From there on I wanted to see if the solar panels could complete the charging.


Ian said...


Assuming you have the space for one, have you considered getting a gennie? I feel certain that you have, I'm just curious about your thoughts on the matter. If I've learnt anything in my boating research, it's that it is good to have backups - especially when it comes to generating electricity and heating water.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,
Yes, I've considered both a generator and wind turbine. At this time I've avoid both because I want to confirm/validate my calculations regarding the capacity of the battery bank. Money and space are also considerations! :-)

Nick Holt said...

Morning Tom

Following your invitation today, I don't know if you'd consider adding our blog to your blog roll? We're following your build with interest and looking forward to sharing in your adventures afloat in the coming year.

best wishes

Nick & Claire nb. Eileen

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Nick,
Do you have a link address for me. The only Ellen I can find has Angela and John?????

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks for the link Nick. It should now appear on the list.