Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cold but now comfortable

The Garmin needed some exercise after it’s recent heart transplant, so we went out together in the morning.  For some reason it always choses to take me on the most muddy of footpaths and after 4 hours of slipping and sliding I returned to Waiouru wet and cold only to find Jan sitting in the cockpit with the doors to the cabin firmly closed.  This wasn’t what I either expected or wanted.  In priority, what I wanted was a nice hot shower followed by something to eat!

It was gently explained to me that although I’m now a qualified grumpy old curmudgeon, I apparently can’t always have things my own way.  This was a revelation! I petulantly stamped my foot followed by a small sulk.  None of it did me any good.  However before been evicted from inside Waiouru Jan had seized some bread and cheese which she dutifully fed me.  She then explained shortly after I’d left to walk the Garmin, Martin (the carpet layer) had arrived and was inside laying carpet and vinyl.  Hence our inability to enter the cabin.  All afternoon we sat in our perambulator under our pram cover “wigwam for wimps”.  It wasn’t warm but at least we were protected from the wind.  Every so often we’d open the hatch cover slightly and peer inside to see what was happening.  Ahhhh builder’s crack…. puts you off your cheese sandwich!

Martin (Martin King Carpets & Flooring) worked solidly on his own all day preparing the floor and then laying the carpet and vinyl.

If the floor didn’t have glue on it then Martin would be laying and cutting the carpet or vinyl.  Darkness came before Martin finally took pity on us and allowed us to sit in the bedroom. Waiouru wasn’t on shore-power and every light was on, the vacuum cleaner was being used and the radio was playing.  Tom (me) was wondering about the state of the domestic battery bank?  It was after 7.00pm by the time Martin had finished.  Whilst Jan attempted to reposition furniture and chattels I frantically checked the SmartGauge.  64%…… <phew>  Andy had recommended the Flotex carpet as being very hard wearing and quite appropriate for a marine environment.

Jan is an Autumn colours person and had chosen a motley grey swirly blurry pattern.  My suggestion of burn orange shagpile to liven the saloon was ignored.  Apparently I have no sense of colour!

The galley, back cabin, and toilet have vinyl which is another shade of grey.  It’s also non-slip.  A deliberate decision on Jan’s part!

There are a few large off-cuts which we will put to good use. 

Jan also informed me a small package had been received whilst I was walking Garmin.  It contained the LED’s I’d ordered from Bedazzled.  Following advice from Richard at Bedazzled I’d changed my plans regarding the size LED’s from SMD 12’s to 8’s.  Richard recommended the 8’s as being sufficiently bright for Waiouru.  He is quite correct and 12’s would have been so bright they would have “scorched our bleed’n eyeballs”!  Of course, being over keen I had to fit them that night.  Jan just sighed as I moved around in the dark with my head torch removing halogen bulbs and replacing them with LED’s.  At least the domestic battery bank will love me!

I just hope I didn’t make a mistake with the ‘cool white’ light in the galley and bathroom.  Last night I had a nagging feeling I was showering in the fridge under all that white light. Smile

Just as we’ve started to get excited about departing on our first cruise our plans have been dashed by an email from CaRT advising Widmead Lock has been closed as it’s in urgent need of repair.  So we can’t cruise any further west than Thatcham and to the east the Thames is on RED boards after all the recent rain.  Bugga!!


DougF said...

Why do I get the feeling that you will be very glad in later life that you deferred to Jan's colour sense?

Ian said...

Hi Tom,

Is that it, then? Are you all done? Can we mark the 19th as completion day? All set to cast off for the big adventure (stoppages allowing)?

Well done. Enjoy!

P.S. And a Merry Xmas to you both!

Tom and Jan said...

I know... You'd think that an old sapper would remember shape, size, shadow, silhouette and (importantly) colour!

Tom and Jan said...

Not quite Ian,
Joiners return today to re-drill the holes covered by the vinyl. Toilet has to be screwed down, mastic seal around the rear doors and side hatch, painting in the cratch and on the bow plus the 2nd top coat to the patch, etc, etc :-)