Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Baaa Baaa

I spent the morning in the best of the Newbury shearing sheds and now feel quite light headed. Smile 

Jan keeps commenting the time between clips could be extended thereby saving us some money.  She also mentioned I shouldn’t anticipate being able to find a £6 haircut everywhere.  More ominously, she has suggested that she might cut my hair.  Well I shouldn’t be too worried.  The difference between a good and bad haircut is normally 2 weeks.

Whilst I kept the Reading bus drivers employed, Jan waited for Mr Tesco to deliver her internet order.  Apparently he arrived on time; insulted her; but promptly recovered by changing Jan’s country of origin to NZ.  LOL   We’re now well stocked with dry goods and long life milk.  It’s only meat, fruit and veg that will need replenishing over Christmas.

In the afternoon I painted a first coat of primer to the top of the bow diesel tank and then applied a second coat of varnish to the small piece of oak trim that I made yesterday.  Eventually the trim will have the four small cup hooks fitted to it.  It will be a key rack.  The last task for the day was to review the information emailed to me by Mark from Atlantis Marine and Henrik from Empirbus.  This was in response to a query I had about the wiring connections to the GSM/GPS module.  I’m being particularly careful about the wiring of the module as the last thing we want is to “fry” the electronics.  We’ve already got one expensive “brick” after my effort yesterday with the Garmin GPS.

Jan has almost completed knitting a second “beanie” and only started on the first two days ago.  She is knitting three so each of the sons will have one when they arrive from Australia for Christmas with us aboard Waiouru

The other task completed today by Jan was to give some of our hard earned money to Linda in the chandlery.  In exchange she was kindly given two windlasses and a sole mooring pin.  So that’s the mooring kit sorted!  There have been no changes to the “to do” list.  Hopefully the flooring will be laid on Friday which will mean the inside of Waiouru is complete!


Carol Palin said...

It will be fantastic to have your family on the boat for Christmas - enjoy!!

Carol Palin said...

It will be fantastic to have your family on the boat for Christmas - enjoy!!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Carol
I'd replace the word "fantastic" with "crowded" :-)

Bruce in Sanity said...


it's getting very exciting! I see Trudy-Ann is well on now, too, but as far as you.

£30 for a Remington Hair Clipper set soon pays for itself – Christmas pressie for Jan maybe?

all the best


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Bruce,
Jan has just finished purchasing a set off Amazon. Now all we need to look for is a pudding bowl of a suitable size! :-)