Thursday, 27 December 2012

Alone Again!

For dinner last night Steven cooked the pheasant we’d been given by Graham.  He did it in a large pot on the gas hob with some sauce he’d made and then added a few vegetables.  It was actually quite nice!  All those pheasants running around the Aldermaston area better watch out!

Jan did her usual fantastic job in cooking Christmas lunch and Daniel was even quick enough with the camera to catch me making lumpy custard to go on the pudding.

There was even time for a brief walk

Daniel, Myles and Steven

We were awake at 3:00am this morning as the three sons had a taxi to Heathrow booked for 4:30.  They had already checked and there was no public transport available at that hour which would enable two of them to catch their 7:30 flight to Sweden.  They are heading to northern Sweden to see the Northern Lights, spend time on dog sledge rides and tour on snowmobiles.  The third son elected to share the taxi even though he wasn’t flying out from Heathrow.  He was catching the Eurostar in London with the intention of reaching Belgium.  We received a Skype call to inform us the Tube drivers were taking industrial action and as a consequence held changed his plans and taken another taxi into London at a cost of £80.  He’s the backpacker so that must have hurt!  It may be a coincidence but it appears rail industrial action frequently occurs during public holidays.  Last time we were in the UK the industrial action was at the airport.  The technology exists to automate trains and if the drivers persist with this type of action they may just find themselves replaced by a machine.

After the last few days Waiouru now seems to be quiet and empty.  There is a mountain of bedding to be laundered and stored in vacuum bags.  We’ve been from one end of Waiouru to the other cleaning and vacuuming.  The additional folding chairs have again been stowed and the ‘bits and bobs’ returned to their proper places. 

We’ve also noticed a decrease in the amount of condensation forming on the aluminium windows and hatch frames.  Five people produce significantly more moisture than two! 

Whilst it was mild and dry at 4:30 this morning the weather changed for the worse after dawn with rain and gusts of wind.  Consequentialy we started the Refleks diesel stove and settled down in Waiouru for the day.  We will stay where we are until the river and canal conditions return to normal.

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