Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Day of Delivery

We woke to find it had snowed during the night.  However despite the low temperature it wasn’t low enough and the bulk of it had melted by 8.30.  Our first snow this winter.

In yesterday’s post we wrote about the mooring kit from Black Pig Fenders and how they had phoned to advise they weren’t able to supply the second mooring pin.  This morning the kit was delivered.  Another delivery in less than 24 hours!

The second delivery was from Amazon.  The folding sack truck Jan ordered also arrived quite promptly.  I’ve already removed the wheels by extracting the split pins from either end of the axle.

Why a folding sack truck and why remove the wheels.  Well the plan is to fit it into the narrow compartment between the washer/dryer and the wet locker.

I knew it wouldn’t fit with the wheels on.  And I’ve now discovered it won’t fit with them off either! <grrrrrrr>   The truck is about 15mm too thick.   But I have a cunning plan which will overcome that problem <I hope>.


Well the plan involved the use of an angle grinder and it appears to have worked.  All that is now required is a couple of suitable ‘R’ clips to replace the split pins.

The final delivery was the mirror.  We had included one in the specification and as time got closer to installation we needed to think where it would be located.  The easy part was deciding on the bathroom.  But where in the bathroom.  There’s no suitable room on the tumblehome or either compartment partition wall.  At one stage Jan was thinking of positioning it on the inside of the toilet door.  This door has a dual function as the door between the saloon and the bathroom.  In the end she opted for the bathroom side of the door between the bathroom and the bedroom. 

The carpet and vinyl layers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow which will mean our ‘to do’ list will then be counted on one hand. 

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