Monday, 24 December 2012

2½ hours of my life wasted

The four men currently living on the boat went to Newbury today to see the film “The Hobbit”.  Peter Jackson excelled himself by producing a 30 minute film which runs for 2½ hours.  Whilst the NZ scenery was spectacular one has the opinion the NZ government was subsidising the production.  Some of the scenes were also predictable if you’d already viewed “Lord of the Rings”.  A film we don’t recommend!
However it was good to spend time with the sons.
Myles, Steve and Tom
It was after dark when the bus from Reading arrived with Dan on board.  We had walked to the bus stop and patiently waited in the dark (and drizzle) for him to arrive.  Apparently his flights with China East Airlines were interesting. At short notice it departed Sydney one hour early which left him in transit in China for five hours before his connecting flight to Heathrow.  Both flights were full.  However he is a seasoned traveller and arrived with less jet-lag than the other two.
Room aboard Waiouru is tight so we’ve come up with a novel approach to the sleeping arrangements.
Myles and Steve are on top in the best berth because they are wearing their Qantas FIRST CLASS pyjamas.  Apparently Dan didn’t get any pyjamas in cattle class with China East Smile

They obviously didn’t inherit all my genes!  At least Myles and I are slightly more sensible!
Because they have been so well behaved Jan and I have decided we’re going to let them do the toilet self pump-out!


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family and all the very best for 2013. Jo & Keith on Hadar.

Carol Palin said...

Have a great Christmas - and a great start to 2013’s cruising!