Saturday, 3 November 2012

What Happened Today?

If you look at Waiouru the immediate response might be “Not a lot!”  But that would be incorrect as both Richard and James worked continuously all day.  Most of the work was done in the workshop however James was on and off Waiouru measuring, re-measuring, making and fitting pipe boxing.  All the exposed pipes are now concealed with removable boxing which now makes it look very tidy.  Tomorrow I’ll probably give the boxing a coat of varnish.
As soon as the workshop was unlocked this morning I was into it and painting varnish onto the port finrad boxing.  It will be dry by tomorrow which will enable me to give it a second coat.  The timber handle for the tiller arm also got a second coat of gloss varnish.
Meanwhile Richard had fitted the hinges to one of the side hatches along with a draught stop.  The hardware (hinges and catches) was then removed which enabled me to give the frames and doors a good coat of ‘Impreg’.  They will get a coat of varnish tomorrow.
Richard then fitted the starboard finrad boxing which I had varnished over the last three days.
It has made the area very tidy and is exactly the right height and width for a mug of coffee!  So Jan’s side of the boat is complete.  Hopefully the port side will be done on Sunday.
He then made a start on fitting the Houdini hatch trim.
The three surrounds have been temporarily screwed in place so the internal beading can be measured.  The timber frame is rectangular but the Houdini frame has curved corners.  This has left some exposed spray foam and steel between the Houdini frame and the oak trim.  Richard needed to make some curved trim to match the curve in the Houdini.  He made these late in the afternoon.  His method was to measure the radius of the Houdini frame curve and find a circular hole cutter with the same radius.  The 6 inch diameter circular hole saw was the same size.  Richard then cut some 7 inch wide oak into 7”x7” squares and I used the 6” hole saw to cut out the middle.  The disc was discarded and Richard cut the 7”x7” square into quarters.  These will be fitted to the four corners of the timber frame and will conceal the spray foam.  All this may not be well described so I will post a photo of the Houdini trim when it’s completed.
I had the Refleks diesel stove on setting 2 whilst Jan was away at the shops.  There was a complaint about how hot Waiouru was inside when she returned.  The stove is now turned down to 1 on the scale.  It would appear the flame should be blue, but we have a yellow flame irrespective of the setting.  Looks like more research is required!


Ian said...

Hi Tom,

Your yellow flame may be caused by insufficient air or excessive fuel. It's worth checking the burner hasn't built up carbon deposits on the intake holes.

That almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about, didn't it? But I pilfered this info from a boating forum. :-)


Tom and Jan said...

Ian, I suspect you're right about the flame set up being wrong but I don't believe it can be due to carbon build up. It's a brand new stove which has only been lit twice so the problem has existed from the beginning. I'm not going to fiddle with the stove was it's under warranty!