Sunday, 4 November 2012

Up and Down

Yes… a change in the Blog banner photo.  We got tired of looking at battleship grey with a blue cratch cover.  Another thing which has been annoying me is the way the spelling errors somehow manage to creep into the final draft.  I’m convinced this is occurring after I’ve published the post.  I recheck the draft twice before hitting the publish button and yet they still appear.  I know I’m not the only one with this problem.  But have you ever noticed how others omissions and errors are so obvious; yet you can’t see your own? Smile

The first job for the day was to lightly sand the starboard finrad boxing and give it a second coat of varnish.  Then the rear steps were sanded back to remove all the scuff marks that have accumulated during the past 3 months.  The step were then varnished along with the new pipe boxing made and installed by James.

Darren kindly offered to give the side hatch interior doors and framing their first coat of gloss varnish.  He’s a much better painter than me so I very quickly accepted.

The fore and aft (front and rear) trim on Waiouru continues to concern me.  We obviously need the bow in the water to get effective steerage and we don’t want the stern too deep or we’ll start dredging the bottom.  The current trim (balance) is almost right but I’m mindful the bow water tanks are nearly full whilst the large toilet tank at the rear is almost empty.  After my earlier action in removing nine concrete slabs from under the galley floor there is now no ballast in the rear third of the boat.  Logically the only further action is to increase the amount of ballast at the bow.

Today I went “scrounging”.  Kiwi’s are great scroungers.  Probably because they live in the bottom right hand corner of the map of the world thousands of miles away from readily available manufactured goods.  Kiwi’s will tell you they can make almost anything out of No8 fencing wire and baling twine!

Digging around under the blackberry bushes I stumbled upon some fire bricks from an old chimney.  They still had some mortar left on them during the demolition but I removed this with a club hammer and cold chisel.

Waiouru’s bow thruster locker was emptied and the cleaned bricks carefully stacked at the bottom of the locker until they were level with the top of the tube.  I’m not sure if this has had much effect but the tip of the rudder is just out of the water and the bow is below the waterline by approximately four inches.

The gunwale isn’t level but the bow doesn’t appear to be excessively high.  However the bow tank is ¾ full and the stern empty.

The water level at the stern is just below the lower rubbing strake.  I’m just not sure where a Tyler-Wilson shell is supposed to sit in the water.  If we need more ballast at the bow then the only place left is under the bedroom floor.  Tomorrows walk should give me plenty of time to think about the situation.


Allan said...

I had a similar trim problem and used blocks of steel. (They were about 10cm x 10cm x 30cm.) Like you I stacked them in the bow thruster locker and they made a big difference to the trim. If your bricks prove insufficient you could try steel since it is much denser than brick.
With respect to the stern, don't forget that it will tend to "dig-in" deeper when under power.

Peter and Margaret said...

Now that is what I call a header banner!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Allan,
Steel is certainly an option but I've yet to find any during my "scrounging" :-)

The banner is an improvement however I think we will be able to do better once we've cut the umbilical cord!

DougF said...

I have been away in Melbourne and missed a bit of progress. I see your membership of the TRNBC has expired.

Tom and Jan said...

I suspect you may be correct Doug. After 12 months we've put down roots and decided to stay here for winter :-)

David said...

Hi Tom
Just wondering how full your fuel tanks are at the moment. With a 20mm base plate I'm surprised you need more than trim ballast.

Bottle said...

A Tyler/Wilson shell when stationary will sit with the bottom rubbing strake (stern) just sitting on the water.

The bottom strake third one down (on the blacking) will sit on the water at the hull side where it ends.

To balance the boat, fill all tanks half full

As mentioned before when underway the stern strake will be under water.

You will never balance the boat perfectly as loading is constantly changing, moving the beer around will help. ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

Thank you... valuable information and both tanks are reading half full which will enable me to check. But it's currently raining cats and dogs :-( I'll wait a couple of hours.

Tom and Jan said...

The diesel tanks are full. The blackwater tank (rear) is half full as is the water tank (bow. I calculated the only required ballast would be for trim and have subsequently removed the additional builders ballast from the stern. However I's like to get the bow down slightly as the water tank is emptied quicker than the toilet tank fills :-) I'm going to follow bottle's advice and buy beer ballast :-)