Monday, 5 November 2012

The Love Boat

Are you old enough to remember the American TV series “The Love Boat” which was all about the passengers and crew on a cruise ship?  I certainly am!  So when I was informed an old wooden fishing boat was going to be rebuilt by its new owners at the boatyard for use as a ‘party boat’ on the Thames I named it “The Love Boat”.

The owners have stripped her down to the bare shell and then added a new superstructure.  All the work is being completed outside normal business hours.

We woke to cold rain which didn’t impress me as I’d been planning on taking a long walk.  In the end the walk was postponed as I anticipated the ground would be boggy and slippery.  In the end I went for a short walk along the the towpath towards Reading.  I was impressed with the hardiness of the boaters out cruising and working their way through the locks.  Then I realised it was probably something that Jan and I would be doing in a few months.   Sad smile 

There have been quite a few canoeists passing by over the past couple of days and I must admit I think they are crazier than the boaters. Who would deliberately want to be continuously cold and wet?

Nick appears to have found a good position in the engine bay to mount the Sterling PDAR.  It’s on the bulkhead between the engine bay and the back cabin.

The PDAR is connected into the 175A alternator and will “trick” the alternator into increasing it’s output.  The purpose behind this is to reduce the amount of time it will take to recharge the domestic battery bank.  Modifying the alternator voids the warranty and may even reduce the anticipated life of the alternator.  However we’ve decided the advantages of fitting the PDAR outweigh the disadvantages.

‘Bottle’ has left a comment on yesterday’s post regarding Waiouru’s trim.  He suggested we check the trim when the water and toilet tanks were both half full.  The water level at the stern should be just below the lower rubbing strake and at the bow the water line should be touching the lower strake.  By coincidence both tanks were half full and we were pleased to see the water line was precisely as described by ‘Bottle’  <phew!>

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