Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I’ve been having problems with my configuration of the remote key fob.  It has three buttons which are configured as:

  • Alarm ON/OFF
  • Central Heater
  • Lights

The first two were configured without much difficulty but the latter has been somewhat of a problem until blog reader Nick assisted and noticed my error.

Objective:  The objective was to configure the third button on the key fob so when pressed the following lights would come on for 60 seconds and then turn off automatically

  • Stern navigation
  • Cockpit
  • Rear cabin step
  • Rear cabin ceiling
  • Cratch
  • Front cabin step
  • Front cabin ceiling

The idea is that on returning in the dark to Waiouru the remote key fob can be used from the towpath to deactivate the alarm and then turn on the lights at either end of the boat thereby allowing boarding to be achieved safely.  The reverse can be done when leaving in the dark.

Everything had been configured in the system to make this happen except the fob button had to be pressed twice.  I couldn’t understand why two presses were required and didn’t know how to rectify the problem.  However Nick realised I had the fob button configured for ‘pulse’ instead of ‘fixed’.  A simple change in the options setup and the system now works correctly.  It will get a practical test when I go for a walk tonight.

It’s been a wet day and unfortunately the marina staff had to work with the crane lifting boats in and out of the water.  They looked rather miserable by the end of the day and who can blame them.  Richard and James sensibly spent their day inside Waiouru attending to a number of minor tasks.  By the end of the day these had all been completed and from a joinery perspective everything inside appears to be finished.

At one stage I grabbed the can of varnish and touched up the oak trim fitted to Waiouru in the last two days.  An hour was also spent making and fitting a small jig in the void under the front step.  It is supposed to chock the ballast bricks in place to prevent them moving and damaging the water pump.

It’s probably time to go back through the contract specifications and identify any outstanding work which can them be discussed with Andy at our Friday afternoon meeting.


DougF said...

I hope your evening testing didn't result in Jan having the lights turned off and on all the time!

Tom and Jan said...

You hoped in vain! :-) But she got used to it in the end

Tom and Jan said...

You hoped in vain! :-) But she got used to it in the end