Thursday, 8 November 2012

Side Hatches & Bed Extension

A mild start to the day with only a slight frost.  By 9:00am the sun had put in an appearance which raised the temperature nicely.  This morning the oak speaker mounting trims (6) and the TV socket mounting were all varnished prior to James and Richard’s arrival.  I’d almost completed varnishing the Houdini surrounds when they walked through the door.  Their timing was perfect as I’d just used the last of the satin varnish in the tin.

James immediately continued working on the extension for the bed in the rear cabin.  It’s worked out rather well and he seems particularly pleased with the result. Smile

All the boards can be stowed in the void under the middle step.

The boards don’t occupy the entire space which leaves room for more storage.

Meanwhile Richard finished the two internal side hatches in the workshop before installing them.

They have been finished with a gloss varnish which contrasts with the satin on the walls.  There was quite a discussion about how to hold the doors open.  The effect of the ‘Tumblehome’ (the area of the side walls above the gunwale which leans inwards) would mean the doors would always swing inwards unless secured.  In the end a decision was made to use magnetic catches.

Richard made small oak blocks to hold the catches whilst the keeper plates were fixed to the top of each door.  The magnets are quite strong and appear to be very satisfactory.

James has moved on to the rear external doors.  He used an angle grinder to cut rectangular holes for the ventilation grills and will be fitting the oak liners tomorrow.  Waiouru should be secure by Friday.

The varnish on the oak trim for the speaker mountings was dry by 2:00pm so I decided to mounting the six speakers on the ceiling.  Yet more damned spray foam to cut and remove!

Jan informed Richard and James we won’t be using the ceiling speakers.  Apparently I’m deaf and turn the sound up too high.  What’s that you say……..  No….. I doesn’t seem loud to me!


David said...

Keep it coming Tom all these finishing touches are giving me all sorts of ideas.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi David,
As long as these ideas of yours are boating related :-)