Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Yesterday mornings frost arrived a day late!  However it had no effect upon us all tucked up and warm on Waiouru.  The effort we’ve put into the insulation appears to be working and we’ve also been refining our condensation management system.

In an vain effort to prove she exists Jan went to Oxford today.  Whilst the journey on the two community buses was interesting taking her through the attractive countryside it did take most of the day.  By the time she arrived at the Oxford Job Centre Plus there was just enough time to briefly ask a couple of questions before the last return bus.  The staff weren’t that helpful merely giving her a card with a number to call to make an appointment and telling her the waiting time for an interview was approximately four weeks!  At least she had a day out and managed to see some attractive villages as the buses made their way through rural England.  It was dark by the time she returned and I had already started to get worried.  Who would cook my dinner?

Richard thought he was reducing the outstanding tasks on his joinery list until I added three more today.  He made five oak trims for the 240v power sockets in the saloon and galley before making six oak rings for the speakers in the ceiling and at the end of the day modified the oak mounting block for the TV in the bedroom.

The 12v Cello TV doesn’t have very good peripheral viewing.  If you’re not looking directly at it the screen looks black.  After some testing we think the screen is now at the right angle.  Above the TV are two plugs.  One is a combined 12v power and aerial socket whilst the other is a HDMI plug.  Richard has started making an oak mounting block for the two plugs.  I’ll give it a coat of varnish first thing tomorrow morning.

The five double power sockets in the galley and saloon have now been wired into the 240v system and tested.  It’s a relief to remove the last of the extension leads running through Waiouru.  There is now only one combined 240v/12v socket left to fit.  It will be located by the rear hatch.

James is making progress on the extension for the rear bed.

It will consist of four hinged pieces when assembled and then fold away for storage under the rear steps. 

Tomorrow should see the installation of the three Houdini hatches along with the internal frames and doors for the two side hatches.  Time permitting, we may even fit the six ceiling speakers.

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