Thursday, 15 November 2012

Oh dear… Difficult decision

Woke to low cloud and even lower temperatures.  We survived the night on the Travelodge bed and didn’t even fight over the two complementary tea bags.  However we’ve noticed by the time you’ve reused them three times the tea is starting to get weak!  Breakfast consisted of two muesli bars.  But then we had a lunch engagement which would fill us (I hope).

By 10.00am the cloud had been moved on by a bright blue sky and the sun was out.  Sometimes this UK weather reminds me of Melbourne!   The first task for the day was to visit both Screwfix and B&Q.  Whilst I prepared to walk to the Screwfix store Jan’s bargain eye had noticed one of those “Poundland” equivalent shops in the retail park.  We agreed to meet back at the car.  My plan was to purchase a ‘Steel Forge’ 12 inch long fabric tool bag as the hand tools are starting to clutter the locker below the instrument panel in Waiouru.  After returning with my purchase and waiting beside the car for 5 minutes it became apparent Jan’s window shopping had turned into bargain purchasing.  We now own a six pack of cheap bath soap, a box of muesli bars and Christmas wrapping paper!

Next stop was B&Q where elbows and knees were required to fight your way through all the OAP’s flashing their Wednesday 10% discount cards.  The plan was to purchase a small rotary clothes line that will fit onto the top of the bicycle rack at the stern of Waiouru (tick) and an oil stone to replace the one belonging to Richard which I accidentally knocked onto the floor in the workshop and broke (tick).  I also wanted a pair of needle nose and side cutting pliers.  They didn’t have to be high quality as I’m only planning to use them infrequently.  In the end I found these at £9.98 each.

However they could also be purchased as a three piece set with a folder for £20

What to do………?  Spend the additional 2p and get the bullnose pliers and folder or save the 2p for a time when we each might want to spend a penny!  In the end I realised there was always the hedgerow so the 2p was spent! Smile

Armed with our purchases we muscled our way through the OAP’s to the checkout where I produced my own 10% discount card before departing £56 poorer.

Lunch was an interesting affair.  Hilda is an old friend of Jan’s grandparents.  Jan realises she must have met Hilda as a very small child but for obvious reasons can’t remember the occasion.   Anyway, we wanted to take Hilda to lunch and asked her to chose a local pub.  She had selected “The Goat”.  Not my idea of a name for a pub but the meal was good. 

Hilda and Jan outside The Goat

Once inside Hilda explained we could get a discount on our meals if we used her Diamond Club card.  The card is free to people over 50 and enables the user to obtain a discount on their meal under certain conditions at participating pubs. [Note to self – apply for card] All three of us chose to have a meal from the carvery. Jan and Hilda had the turkey whilst I opted for the pork.  For dessert we mutually agreed on the home made rhubarb and brambley apple crumble with ice cream.  Jan claimed she wouldn’t be able to eat all her dessert and asked if I would be able to finish her portion.  I paced myself accordingly but in the end she found the room for the entire serving! Smile

Back to Waiouru tomorrow.  Hopefully all the varnishing will have been completed in our absence.

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Paul Dodgson said...

Hi guys

travel Lodge are fine, ask em for more teabags etc and I have never been refused