Saturday, 17 November 2012

Now the “Gee Wiz” stuff

But first I’m grateful to FMIL who has sent me a tip on how to remember your computer password.  It’s sad but true as we age we become forgetful.  So following her advice I’ve changed the computer login password to “incorrect”.  Now if I forget it I just enter anything and the computer will prompt me “Your password is incorrect”

The completion of the interior varnishing has finally enabled all the switch and socket covers to be fitted.  At last we can see the final version of the switch faceplates we purchased in Australia.

There are two socket configurations.  One is solely 240v sockets; usually a double; whilst the second is dual 240v and 12v sockets.

My sticky fingerprints all over the chrome surround

The Houdini hatch interior oak trim has been fitted.  Richard and Nick used a large amount of ‘gunk’ (mastic) to ensure all the interior face of the exposed steel was coated and any voids the trim was pressed into the hatch opening.  This morning we assembled the combined blackout and insect screen frames for each hatch.  They will probably be fitted next week.  Later in the afternoon Nick started fixing some of the many safety labels to the various valves and vent openings.

The aluminium chequer plate we had ordered from eBay had been delivered in our absence and this morning I cut it to length using the battery jigsaw before screwing it to the rungs of the 4 3 fold ladder.

The original section of timber platform has been cut to fit between the articulated joins.  I’ve walked the length of the folding gangplank to confirm it’s rated 120kg capacity.  My assumption is when we require a gangplank it will mostly only require two sections to be unfolded and locked into position.  The project can be further enhanced if I drill a couple of holes in each end.  The shore end holes can be used for anchor pegs and the boat end for a security chain.


Alf said...

My chequer plate is fixed to the rungs with Terry clips, so that if you need to assist somone out of the water it's very easy to convert back to a full ladder.

Tom and Jan said...

That's a good idea! But does it allow the plate to rattle on the rungs?

Alf said...

No, no rattle so long as you install the correct size clip.