Saturday, 10 November 2012

Keyed In

It’s rather hard to take any photos of today’s progress.  James spent the majority of the day finishing applying masking tape around the edges of the oak trim on the ceiling.  It’s an onerous job that requires good eyesight and accuracy.  Fortunately I have neither!  Richard made shelving for the storage cabinet under the saloon TV cabinet and the wet locker.  My day started by giving a second coat of varnish to all the pieces of ceiling trim that will eventually go into the cupboards and lockers.  Then I installed the final modular 240v/12v power socket at the stern.  After lunch all the ceiling trim was given its first coat of varnish.  The plan is to lightly sand it tomorrow and then apply the second coat.

Late in the afternoon James made a start on fitting the lock to the stern (rear) cabin doors.  It was dark before he finished and in order to get it completed James borrowed my head harness torch.

Rather than locking Waiouru with a padlock and hasp & staple we have opted for a 5 lever mortice lock built into the port door.  The reasoning is without the padlock it’s harder to visually detect whether the boat is occupied.

The configuration for the EmpirBus system isn’t complete because the GSM and GPS modules haven’t yet been installed.  Nor has the remote transmitter/receiver.  I discussed the configuration with Andy but he informed me that he has no previous experience of fitting these modules.  So I have five components which need to be connected into the system.

L-R  GSM/GPS module, Transmitter/Receiver,  GSM antenna, GPS antenna

The transmitter/receiver wirelessly links to the key fob

The remote key fob has three buttons which can be configured to activate/deactive three separate functions in the Empirbus system.  Our initial thoughts are they should be the alarm; deck lights; and ????? (boat master isolation switch?)

After reading some of the literature and examining the current node configuration setting I’ve come to some provisional conclusions on how all this gets connected.  However I’m not convinced I have it right so I’ve written to Atlantis Marine (the UK agents for the system) asking for some advice/assistance.

Meanwhile Jan fattened the boatyard staff with a tray of her lemonade scones (no butter or sugar) and I can confirm they taste delicious.  Good to see the new oven is performing!

Richard has confirmed they want to give Waiouru it’s final coat of varnish very soon which means we won’t want to spend the night aboard.  The varnish fumes would send us on a trip without untying the mooring ropes!  It will be the first time we’ve spent a night away from the boatyard in more than a year.  How time flies!  Hell, my two year visa expires in less than six months and Jan still doesn’t exist.

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