Saturday, 27 October 2012



Preamble….. Yesterday’s spelling and grammar was atrocious!  It’s all Jan’s fault….. she didn’t proof read it! Smile

We had been expecting Kinver Canopies all yesterday afternoon.  Scott and Ian arrived at 4.30pm which had us wondering whether they would have sufficient light left in the day to get all their measurements.  It was quickly apparent they are a well organised and efficient team who anticipate each others actions and needs. 

They started on the cratch cover template thinking the wind (there were strong gusts) would prevent them from measuring the wigwam for wimps pram cover.

Templates were made made for each side of the cratch followed by the roof.

The sides will have zip openings and a window with a cover for privacy.  The front will be secured to the cratch board with strong stud and dome fittings and the rear with elastic straps.  Whilst Ian finished the cratch measurements Scott made a start on the pram cover by bending the sections of aluminium frame using a template.  The aluminium tubing was then run through a pipe bender to create an arch in the roof section of each piece.  The frames were then fitted to the handrails in the cockpit.

As you can see they ran out of light and used the headlights of their van to complete the task of making the templates.

Jan has chosen the colour for the material.  It will be burgundy (dark crimson)!  Scott & Ian finished after 6.30 and headed home in the dark.  They informed us the cratch and pram covers should be ready by next Friday.

Having a pram (and to a lesser extent cratch) cover seem to be one of those love or hate issues.  We decided on a pram cover because we thought it would be particularly useful when moored in winter.  The plan is to use it as a combined storage and drying area.  We anticipate it will be unlikely we will be able to do much cruising with it up as we suspect there will be too many overhead obstructions (eg, bridges, trees, etc)

Nick has almost finished the engine compartment.  The fuel system is complete along with the cooling system and alternator connections.

Top left – Fuel lines.  Top right – 175A alternator wires.  Bottom – Heating pipes to calorfier

Top – Lagged exhaust pipe. Middle – Engine skin tank pipes. Bottom – 50A Alternator cables

Nick filled the engine with 10 litres of oil (drained by Beta for transit).  He did some final checks and then started it for the first time.  The thing that was most apparent to me was the amount of power being generated by the Axiom propeller when the engine was only doing tick-over.  Does this mean we will be yelled at to “Slow Down” when passing moored boaters?  Smile

The temperature has dropped.  You wouldn’t know it when you’re inside Waiouru except it’s sometimes possible to hear the Hurricane heater start up.

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chas said...

Your coming on at a pace now !!

I have recently used kinver canopies for a new cratch cover.... Delighted.... A cracking job and dry as a bone