Saturday, 6 October 2012

We found the Black Pig

As Waiouru is starting to get close to completion our thoughts have turned to all the essential cruising equipment we need to purchase.  An order has been placed via eBay for an anchor, chain and rope.  eBay also produced a supplier of competitively priced mooring ropes.  We are going to need side fenders when moored against a hard edge consequentially we’ve been looking at how to secure them to Waiouru.  I recall from our hire boating days that the plastic sausage style of fender appeared to easily snap off when secured to the mounting points below the gunwale.  Consequentially we’ve decided to secure the side fenders from a holder on the handrail where they will be more accessible.  Time will tell whether this was a sound decision.  After some Google searching we found Black Pig Fenders could supply plastic handrail hooks at a good price.  The four hooks arrived today.

They appear to be machine cut and (of course) don’t fit the profile of the handrail on Waiouru.  After some measuring and marking they were taken to the workshop where I used a jigsaw and file to reshape them.

Some fine sandpaper was then used to remove the sharp edges.  Initially we were only going to purchase two.  But then realised we might need fenders on both sides of Waiouru when moored.

The other task we completed today was to cut all but two of the ventilation holes in the furniture and doors.

Vents under the bed so the heat from the central heating copper piping can escape

Vents in the top of the wardrobes

Vent outlet in the wet locker door. This will allow the heat from the inverter and freezer to escape. 

Hopefully the chrome vent covers will arrive in the next couple of days.

However the most exciting part of the day was the arrival of Tim Bird of Merlin Signs.  Tim is doing the sign writing on the rear panels.  In preparation for the task he had made up a large paper template of the sign writing.  The reverse of the paper sheet was dusted with chalk and then taped to the panel.  Tim then carefully over-drew the lines on the template which left faint chalk lines on the panel.

The upper and lower extremities of the lettering were then marked with thin red plastic masking tape.

Tim then proceeded to paint the letters in off-white.

Once he had completed both sides Tim went back to paint the shadow.  The style Jan has chosen is a graduated two tone shadow using the light grey and graphite colours from the boat colour scheme.

Tim will need to return on Monday and apply a second coat plus some touching–up

The shadow has really given the name a 3D effect.

The blacking didn’t get done today which means it has to be done tomorrow!  Andy is also going to fit the Houdini hatches and their new steel frames.  Hopefully the portholes will also be fitted.


Adam said...

Fenders can be a surprisingly contentious subject! I'm a firm believer that you need side fenders only when moored. Get some pipe fenders and have carbine hooks on them, so they can be clipped on and off your fender eyes easily.

The plastic hooks you've bought are useful if you're moored in a place where you need a fender but there's no fender eye conveniently placed. But they are likely to damage the paint on your handrail. If you use them while cruising, they will definitely damage the paint, will probably break, and will almost certainly fall off.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Adam,
I've no intention of using the handrail hooks whilst cruising. Like you; I thought they would be useful when mooring for placing a fender where there was no convenient fender eye.

Paul said...


When does the engine appear?
a little tip if I may. buy some used go kart tyres. They are excellent as wider fenders which are sometimes needed when you have an uneven surface to moor against. You can drill two holes into them and push your rope through or create a metal tag bolted onto the tyre which allows your rope to be connected - highly recommended. There is a boat which sells these pre-machined but unless your near to him its not much good to you, googling may surface a provider of pre machined go kart fenders

Tom and Jan said...


Apparently the engine cannot be installed whilst Waiouru is in the tent as there is insufficient height for the forklift jib.

I've been thinking of GoKart tyres as fender. It's finding a cheap source (preferably free) that's the current issue!

Anonymous said...

That's all looking great, nearly done now, hope to see you both and the boat in a couple of weeks.

Paul (apache)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Paul,
We will look forward to seeing both of you! Back for winter?

Anonymous said...

I need to get Apache finished nothing has been done on her since we left, cygnus has changed a bit inside though, we now have guest accomodation!


Tom and Jan said...

It will be interesting to see what you've done on Cygnus.