Friday, 5 October 2012


Jan is feeling rather pleased.  Some time ago she had been reading a post about Quidco by Sue of nb No ProblemWhilst she had subscribed to Quidco Jan didn’t take it much further.  However in the last two days her interest has been renewed and today she saved almost 20% on some wool she purchased online plus she received free delivery.  Checking Quidco is now going to be a regular event!

On the boat front…… Overnight I became more unhappy with the location of the camera monitor.  It was almost fouling the morse controller (The combine accelerator and gear stick).  Today I repositioned it and filled in the screw old holes.

The new position

That out of the way and it was time to get some silicon around the cables for the solar panels and the mobile phone aerial.  They need to be sealed where they exit from the plastic entry boxes on the roof.  It was only a quick job and then both Jan and brushed down the blacking before scrubbing it down with warm water ready for the second coat tomorrow.

Nick started the day by fitting the sliding hatch in the rear cabin.  The yard had intended to have the hatch slide with brass on brass.  However the brass fitting wouldn’t fit.  Our specifications stipulate roller bearing.  So that is what Nick has now fitted.

The hatch has four small sealed roller bearing which run on the brass strip.  As a result the hatch moves very easily.

Perhaps too easily!  It’s quite heavy and could decapitate someone should it move violently.  Nick is looking at fitting a '”soft close” mechanism to slow the hatch down when it reaches the end of the open position.  We are also going to need a couple of chute bolts to hold it in both the open and closed positions.  The bow of Waiouru will usually be higher than the stern so the hatch will have a tendency to roll to the closed position.

After fitting the hatch Nick moved on the the central heating system.  He finished the installation of the double radiator panel in the bathroom and ran the pipes to the two finrads in our bed footlocker.  I will have to cut two ventilation holes and fit louvered plates over them so the heat can escape from the locker.  The idea is to have lovely dry warm clothes in winter rather than damp and mouldy!

Nick then fitted the radiator he had made from copper pipe into the bedroom starboard (right) wardrobe.

The radiator has the same function as those in the footlocker.  I’ll need to fit a high level ventilation louvre.  Nick then went on to make a second radiator for the port wardrobe.

Late in the day he measured the wet locker wardrobe for the third custom made radiator. We are also going to fit a small radiator on the wall under the workstation in the back cabin.

Whilst Nick was doing this I cut out the remaining cavities behind the power socket locations and then fitted the 240v sockets in the front and rear cabins as well as the bathroom.  The 12v socket fitting haven’t arrived which means only the 240v circuits could be activated. One unexpected consequence was the washer/dryer burst into life and we had a back cabin full of flashing red LED lights.  Sometime during the last four months one of the knobs had been turned! <phew> 

Having electricity from some of the 240v sockets means we can start to remove the extensions leads trailing through Waiouru.

The 12v socket isn’t installed and the fancy socket surrounds won’t be fitted until the varnishing is completed.

Tomorrow is hire boat changeover day.  But that won’t stop Jan and me from giving Waiouru it’s second coat of two pack epoxy blacking.


Jenny and Robin said...

Tom something that has been interesting me. Do you have a shore power connection both in the bowand aft on the morse controller piller?


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Robin
That's correct. A shore power connection at either end of the boat with a two way switch to ensure only one of them can be used at any time. I specified two just in case we were ever moored in a location where the bow was the closest point to the shore power connection.