Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Poor TV Reception

You would think the reception on the TV would be better after all the aerials fitted to Waiouru.  However, to my disappointment today’s picture was all bubbly and washed out.  Then I realised it was mid afternoon and I was probably watching the soapies!

Sometimes my eyesight isn’t that great and In the end Jan pointed out my error! Smile

<humour mode off>  The real purpose for running the Candy washer/dryer came about as a result of a conversation with Nick who had informed us some washing machines wouldn’t work with the power supplied by an inverter.  So today we disconnected the shore power and ran the machine using the domestic battery bank via the Victron inverter.  We had been told the “critical” cycle would probably be the drying.  Well the Candy worked perfectly and there was no problem with the drying cycle.

Thought you might like a photo of the fancy LED display which was copied from the Starship Enterprise Smile

According to the SmartGauge the battery bank was at 100% before we started and was at 73% when one full wash/dry cycle had been completed.

Obviously it wouldn’t be a good practice to simply use the power from the domestic bank to run the machine.  Like most boaters, we will run the washer/dryer when cruising so the engine alternators can supplement the batteries.

Whilst writing about electricity I’ll mention the shore power switch which I fitted today.  We have a shore power input socket in both the stern and bow which provides greater flexibility.  Good safety means only one of the input sockets should be live. (ie, if the shore power is plugged into the stern then the bow socket needs to be isolated).  To achieve this a two way switch has been fitted on the electrical cabinet.

The switch will have to be relabelled Stern – Off – Bow.  Somehow I suspect as planned continuous cruisers the switch will mostly be set on OFF! Smile

Late in the afternoon Andy appeared with a set of printed labels for the Empirbus membrane 8 switch panels.  The switches were removed from the wall and the strips of labels were carefully cut and slipped behind the faceplate.  I had to be very careful doing this as the labels are printed on overhead transparency sheets which are very thin and flexible.  After some trial and error they all slid into place and the switches could then be fixed back on the wall.

Richard and James hung the bathroom doors (again… this time permanently) and went on to fit more oak trim around the base of the partitions.  This will prevent the partitions moving, but also enabled them to be removed at some future date should that prove necessary.

Meanwhile, Darren applied an undercoat to the cratch board. He and Jan discussed colours and agreed the board would be painted graphite. 

Andy also mentioned the pram and cratch cover supplier would be visiting early next week to make up templates.  He indicated manufacture would probably take three weeks.

Nick is back tomorrow which will hopefully mean he will be working on the completion of the engine bay.

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