Monday, 1 October 2012


No…it’s not a spelling error!  Nothing to do with pipes!

This is the post that should have been published yesterday…. if only there had been an internet connection!!

The day started with my usual Sunday walk. Only about 12 miles so I’m obviously getting lazy.Smile

The route started by going south and then east before hitting the M4 motorway close to the ‘Services’ (Road House in Australia). An overgrown footpath took me around the end of a disused gravel pit which is now a lake, before I struck the canal at Garston Lock. From there is was a well know path back to Waiouru.

I had a slight surprise when I thought I’d come upon our first boat builder but quickly realised this lot were far cleaner and more friendly.

There is a lovely canalside property near Theale so I stopped to take a photo.

Back at Waiouru there was time for a quick shower and a change of clothes before Jan and I borrowed a boat hook from the yard and headed back down the lane to a clump of bushes I’d seen earlier.  After being scratched and torn by the thorns plus being stung by the high stinging nettles we retreated having stripped the trees of nearly all the accessible plums

They are small but very tasty and will make a delicious jam.

Whilst Jan recovered, I set to work with the oscillating saw and cut out the last three holes for the power sockets.  Normal work has now recommenced on Waiouru.

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