Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hungry Ducks and a Lovely Gesture

Nick was on his own today but was fortunately able to spend almost all of his time working in the engine bay.  Rather than disturb him I decided it was time to make a start sorting out the birds nest of wires in the stern electrical cabinet.  When I started the wiring the area was rather tidy.  However as a result of more cables have been fed into the area, and the need to get some components working so we can live on board during the build, it had become quite a mess!  It’s one of those jobs where you ‘chase your own tail’ untangling wires and attempting to impose some neatness.  It’s now partially completed.

Fighting all these cables was exhausting for an “old fella” and by noon my stomach was asking my throat if it had been cut.  Jan had disappeared telling me she was catching the bus to Calcot for essential supplies.  Scrounging around in her pantry I found some bread which was slightly stale but then when you’re hungry you only look to see if there are any green specks on it!

It was quickly wolfed down and I’d just started into a apple when Jan appeared.  I was advised in no uncertain terms she had informed me before leaving that she would be buying bread at the shops and I should have waited.  Apparently the poor bloody ducks are going hungry tonight as I’ve eaten their dinner!

Richard and James have been sorting out a number of small joinery jobs.  The bathroom doors are almost complete.  Richard has decided on a method of securing the toilet door in the open position.  It will require one of the light switches to be moved but that isn’t a big issue.

This is the view from within the bathroom looking to the stern with the toilet door closed.

Toilet to the right

Same location but with the toilet door open.

This provides two options.  Privacy in the toilet (door closed) or privacy in the bathroom (door open)

Nick has wired the engine compartment bilge pump whilst I made the connections to the Empirbus node.  The pump is automatic (float switch) but also has a manual over-ride.  The automatic part of the wiring wasn’t an issue s there was an allocated connection on the node.  However there wasn’t a spare switch at the stern for the manual over-ride.  After Nick and I had discussed a number of options he said “Why don’t you use the same over-ride switch that is configured for the bow bilge pump?”  This was an excellent suggestion (I only wrote the last sentence because Nick told me he is going to read tonight’s post!).  I reconfigured the Empirbus system so the manual over-ride switch for the bow bilge pump also activates the stern bilge pump.  Nick poured water into the engine compartment to confirm the stern bilge pump operated correctly.  Whilst he was away getting the wet-vac to remove the residual water I took a quick photo.

Jan came walking back from the office with a couple of packages and I asked “Has the mail arrived?”.  To which she replied “It’s called Post in the UK!”  We were expecting a small package containing 8 rubber door stops I ordered for the solar panels.  However Jan also had a large brown package.  We were very pleasantly surprised to find the parcel had been sent by blog readers Marian & Mike of nb Duxllandyn. 

Marian has very kindly sent Jan some wool and even gone to the effort of selecting it in Waiouru’s colours.

Knowing I enjoy walks in the countryside she also included a book on the Lake District Central Fells.  Now I really enjoy walking in the Lake District and each time we have visited the UK we’ve always made time to spend a couple of nights there so I can walk.

It was a lovely gesture Marian and Mike which we really appreciate.  Marian, I hope you followed the link to the knitted blankets in this recent post as it provides very clear instructions on the technique.  We’re looking forward to meeting you both somewhere out on the cut.


Nb Duxllandyn said...

Glad that the 'postie' arrived safely - enjoy :-)
Marian & Mike
Nb Duxllandyn

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Marian & Mike,
I'm enjoying the book as the Central Fells is one part of the Lake District I haven't walked!
Jan is contemplating what to make from the wool.
Thank you!