Friday, 19 October 2012

Hot & Heavy

Nick came on board first thing this morning to have another look at the Refleks diesel stove.  This time he bought a flamethrower gas torch to ignite the stove.  He ‘fiddled’ about with it and coaxed it into life.

He made the interesting observation “This heater is not as tall as heaters we have previously fitted!”  Perhaps it’s a newer model?  Whether it’s a new model or not; it belts out the heat.  We had it on the lowest setting and Waiouru was still ‘toasty’ warm inside!

You actually feel warm looking at the flames and the red hot glow of the grill inside the burning chamber.

So we now have both the Hurricane and the Refleks for heating.  Actually we’re now using the Hurricane to get some hours on the unit and test the central heating system.

Nick then decided it was time to fit the engine.  The Beta 43 had previously been placed into the engine compartment to check it for size and mark out the position of the mountings.  This time it was going in to be installed.

Engine arrives slung under a jib on the forklift tynes

It was partially lowered into Waiouru using the forklift with the final 4ft of lowering being done using a block and tackle on an endless chain.

Once inside its position was adjusted so the mounting blocks were parallel and the engine was as far to the stern as possible. The position of the mountings were then marked on the engine bed and it was then removed (again)

This enabled Nick to drill the holes for the engine mounts. 

The mounts were then removed off the engine and bolted in place. 

Then the engine was installed for the final time.  After tightening everything down Nick connected the engine to the propeller shaft using the Python Drive.

The Python Drive serves two major purposes.  First it enables the engine to be fitted into the boat without it having to be directly in alignment with the propeller shaft.  This is because the Python Drive is a flexible coupling.  However; more importantly, the thrust from the propeller is transferred from the Python Drive to the mounting plate (thick white horizontal plate in the above photo).  The mounting plate is welded to the hull.  The effect of this is to eliminate the thrust of the propeller going to the engine and it’s four mounting feet.  So there is less stress on the engine mounts and noise is also reduced.  It’s a more expensive option but is probably more cost effective in the long term.

There was just enough time to celebrate the launching of Waiouru with the ABC staff by cracking open Snorre’s bottle of Champagne.  Everyone had a little and toasted good luck to Waiouru.

We also managed to take a couple of photos of Waiouru on her new temporary mooring.

There is probably another day’s work for Nick in the engine compartment and then the bulk of the engineering will be complete.  Meanwhile Richard and James are working away at the joinery with James making the rear door lining and surrounds whilst Richard is working on the cratch board.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tom and Jan, Waiouru looks fantastic!

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks.... We are starting to see the end of the build and look forward to commencing the cruising!

Caroline and Martin said...

well done for sticking it out, and getting what looks like a silk slipper out of a pigs ear, Caroline and Martin

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Caroline & Martin,
Well you have to keep looking to the future and be determined to achieve your dreams. Leave the pigs in the past :-)

Kevin said...

WOW what a stunner :) Congratulations to you both on achieving your dream.
Looking forward to reading your cruising exploits as soon as you're ready to pull pins and engage forward gear :)

Tom and Jan said...

Still plenty to be completed before we can head off cruising Kevin! :-)

Sandra Louise Walsh said...

Awesome to see Waiouru looking magnificent! You are a shining example to everyone on following your dream and keeping your glass half full. Challenges can make us stronger or tear us down - you have grown extremely tall and proud. Kia ora!

Looking forward to meeting you next year :-)

Sandra & Barry

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Sandra & Barry,

We are looking forward to seeing you out on the cut next year