Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Covers off!

Compared with yesterday the temperature this morning was quite mild.  However a breeze came up after lunch which made me realise the trees were dropping leaves.  The green foliage has changed to brown and gold.
Darren started removing the tent tie-down ropes and steel pegs around 9.00AM and by 10.00 enough of the staff had been coerced to move the three tent sections and pack them away ready for the next boat.
Somehow this seemed to excite Nick.
Some natural light on the stern has revealed the red panels and sign-writing look very good.
After assisting with the removal of the tent my next task was to fit the chrome vents to the bow water and diesel tanks.  Without the breather pipes to the tanks we would possibility (probably for the water tank) suffer an airlock.
Then Andy supplied a headlamp and horn which I fitted after lunch.
We didn’t provide any headlamp and horn details in the contract specifications and have therefore accepted what we have been given.  However we will probably change the devices at a later date (when our finances are in better shape).  Once they were fitted I checked they actually worked. <tick!>
Darren requested a photo of Waiouru at night showing the cratch and navigation lights.
Late this afternoon we were informed the crane would arrive after lunch tomorrow to move Waiouru into the cut.  Another milestone!


Lisa said...

Amazing milestone, Brilliant. Bet you thought at times this would never happen. I am really looking forward to meeting you out on the cut.
NB What a Lark

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Lisa
We're starting to feel that day is getting closer :-)

Anonymous said...

It's been fascinating reading your blog. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it! Thank you

Tom and Jan said...

Actually I should be thanking you for bothering to put up with the spelling errors and poor grammar :-)

I must admit I never though I'd be able to discipline myself to write every day!

Jenny said...

Likewise I enjoy reading your blog. congratulations on another milestone. You will now need to change the photo at the top of your blog to show Waiouru in all her new glory!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jenny
If the weather is kind tomorrow I'll attempt to take a banner photo after Waiouru goes into the cut.

Anonymous said...

She is a proper bobby dazzler!
Well done to you both.
Your blog has been superb.
What more can we say...
Kevin & Donna

Nick Holt said...

What a moment Tom&Jan, I've really enjoyed following the evolution of your boat, and I'm looking forward to her further adventures once afloat. See you out on the 'water road' in 2013!

very best wishes for the 'launch'

Nick & Claire on nb. Eileen