Wednesday, 3 October 2012


It was a very cosy night in the bedroom with the new front doors having eliminated the usual draughts.  However it is a little exposed with all that glass in the doors.  Our first thought was it will be even more exposed when Waiouru is out of the paint tent.  However things should improve when the cratch cover is fitted.  So we have a temporary problem.

This morning we woke to find the doors like this……..

I was getting dressed in front of the doors (who wants to look at my wrinkly old body anyway) when I opened the starboard wardrobe door to get my fleece.  That’s when Jan said “That’s it… turn around!” I turned around and told her I couldn’t see anything.  Jan then said “Precisely!  Open the other wardrobe door!”

We appear to have stumbled upon a solution Smile

Darren has been touching up the paint and removing the last of the masking tape.

The Tunnel Bands are now complete and he removed the tape from the bow panels

He and I then drilled and tapped the water tank hatch so the stainless steel securing bolts can be fitted.  We used an 8mm die to extend the threads on the bolts but then couldn’t find any stainless steel washers so left the remainder of the task until tomorrow.  The front door frame was then given it’s first coat of gloss varnish.  I’ll attempt to give it a second coat tomorrow.  The last task for the day was to discuss the blacking of the boat with Darren.  We need to get two more coats of two pack epoxy onto the hull by next Monday.  Darren is off tomorrow which only leave Thursday and Sunday.  Additionally, the portholes and Houdini hatches need to be fitted along with the plank and pole rack. 

So much to do in so little time!


DougF said...

I am impressed with the progress you are making. For an otherwise uninformed observer, its sounding pretty good.
Its also good to see respectable walking distances being achieved!

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Doug,
My waistline tells me the distance needs to be greater.... A few hills would help! :-)