Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Boxing the Finrads

The day was spent with Richard making boxing to cover the Finrads on both sides of the saloon.  The purpose of the boxing is to conceal the finrads (low level linear radiators) and the plumbing pipes just above floor level.

Richard’s method is to horizontally screw a 20x20mm pine batten to the interior ply lining at the planned height of the boxing.  Next pieces of ply are screwed to the face of the finrads to act as a packer (spacer). Then a vertical piece of oak is screwed to the packer to act as a foot for the boxing top plate.  A horizontal length of oak ply is also screwed to face of the finrads using the oak ‘feet’.  This conceals the finrads and the piping.  A gap is left between the faceplate and top plate.  Another gap is left between the bottom edge of the faceplate and the floor.  The two linear gaps allow cool air to rise up behind the faceplate where it is heated by the finrads.  The warm air can then escape through the upper gap.

Ply packer screwed to the finrad with the 20x20mm batten above

‘Leg’ to support the top plate screwed to each packer

Richard made a mistake and was sent to the corner in disgrace.  The top plate is screwed to the on one side and rests on the top of the ‘leg’ on the other.  In order to get a tight fit against the wall Richard scribed the edge and then cut it to exactly match the deviations in the curve of the wall.

Once the boxing had been made and fitted to both side of the saloon it was dismantled and taken back to the workshop for a final sanding and a first coat of satin varnish.  The plan is to reinstall it tomorrow. 

There was just enough time left for Richard to commence cutting out the timber for the side hatch interior doors.  These will be glazed. 

Meanwhile Darren has been painting the cratch board.  He has completed the undercoat and a first top coat.  Jan has decided the final colour will be graphite.  Darren also gave the King plank another coat of gloss varnish.  The board is starting to look very nice.

One of my last tasks for the day was to wire another LED strip light.  This one is across the top of the face of the step between the galley and the back cabin (the step up onto the blackwater tank).  We have recognised the step is a potential hazard (trip/fall) for anyone not familiar with Waiouru’s layout.  It’s configured to illuminate when the main back cabin lights are turned on.

Probably trip over the step because you’re blinded Smile

And this photo show all the rear steps illuminated

At approximated £1.60 per LED it seems good value.

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