Monday, 15 October 2012

Almost there with the central heating

We woke to find the temperature was 1°C with frost in the shadows and mist over the canal.  Then we noticed the small amount of condensation on the front door vents and the Houdini frames <eek>!  Time to find the dehumidifier.  Actually it was a very small amount of condensation.

Rising just after dawn enabled me to head off early for the usual Sunday morning walk.  Only 12 miles but an interesting mix of nature reserve and woodland.  A small deer was standing in a glade and obviously heard me coming as it’s head was up and looking in my general direction.  The walk took me through a number of the small local villages and I noticed parents were taking their children to the local sports fields. 

Meanwhile Nick had made a start on the central heating.  He finished the installation of the small radiator under the workstation

and then went on to make and fit the pipe radiator for the rear cabin wardrobe.

Whilst he was doing that Jan stripped the bedding and removed the mattress sections from our bed.  This gave Nick access underneath the bed for the pipe radiators he planned to make.

There will be two pipe radiators in the large cavity at the head of the bed.  One will be horizontal to the floor (as above) and the second will be vertically mounted on the wall.  Another radiator has been fitted in the void between the drawers.

Whilst Nick was soldering the joints in the copper piping, I made a template and used it to drill a matrix of 10mm holes in the internal partitions under the bed.

These holes will allow the warm air to circulate before escaping through either the chrome vents in the side of the bed or up into the mattress.

The large void at the head of the bed will be used for the long term storage of our summer or winter clothing.  Hopefully the warm air will prevent them going mouldy.

One of the bedhead radiators

Pipe radiator between the drawers

Nick was unable to complete the central heating today but is hoping he can finish tomorrow. 

The forecast is for more low temperatures tonight so it will be interesting to see how much condensation there is in Waiouru tomorrow morning.  The tent is scheduled to be removed off Waiouru tomorrow which means we should be able to test the Refleks diesel stove tomorrow night.

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