Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tired but not sure why?

For some reason I feel particularly tired after spending the day working on Waiouru.  But looking around I don’t seem to have achieved much! 

Darren is away attending training on how to paint a boat.  Don’t ask……… I don’t know why he’s attending boat painting training just as he finishes Waiouru!  Nick attended a call-out to one of the hire boats so it was all down to me today.

The strip LED above the front door is now installed and working.

This morning all the rubber grommets were fitted onto the holes in the steel post that will hold the cameras, headlamp and horn.  Then the camera were fitted to the post.  Their installation hasn’t been finalised as I’m not sure if the right camera is at the top of the post.  Then it was time to go to the cockpit and fit the wires for the monitor.

The labelling for the plug is so small it has defeated my eyesight so the installation of the pins into the socket will have to be done by younger eyes.  However the Lewmar bow thruster control was fitted along with the Beta engine control panel.

I’m not too happy with the security of the control panel.  It could do with another four machine screws to hold it firmly against the bulkhead.  Probably a job for tomorrow!

Just prior to lunch the retractable hot water hose was fitted to the stern bulkhead.

Much of the afternoon has been spent fitting the modular power sockets down the starboard side of Waiouru.  The first step was to use the oscillating electric saw to cut through the plywood wall lining.  Then the depth of the cavity needed to be increased so there was sufficient room for the sockets.  I know…. more spray foam to be removed!  The 12v sockets haven’t arrived, however it was possible to start fitting the 240v sockets and switches.

The chrome surrounds won’t be fitted to the sockets until after the varnishing has been completed. 

I’d better go and plan the route for Sunday’s walk.


Ian said...

I tell you what, Tom, if I'd accomplished what you guys have over the last year, I reckon I'd be feeling pretty knackered too!

Keep it going, mate. You're on the home stretch now!

P.S. Even though I haven't put it on my much-neglected blog yet, I can tell you that I've finally got my residential mooring! :-)

Tom and Jan said...

Congratulations Ian

Where is the mooring?


Skippy said...

Hi Tom. Looks like your coming on leaps and bounds even since b0atg1rl and I saw you :)

Just a quick question. Who is the supplier / range for the 230/12 sockets you have been using. They look like a very neat set.

Best of luck.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Skippy,
The modular system is by Gewiss and is know as Playbus. If you do a Google search you can download the catalogue!

The sockets should look better once the chrome surrounds are fitted.

Ian said...

Tom, they're online moorings on the River Cam. I hope to moor on the bank of Midsummer Common near the centre of Cambridge.

Now all I need is a boat. :-)

P.S. I don't suppose you were able to watch Julia Bradbury's Canal Walks programme on BBC4? Tonight's was about the K&A - 'twas most enjoyable!

Ian said...

Oops, I nearly forgot to ask - I've heard no mention of cratch board and covers during the build, so I'm assuming you've decided against them?

It's something that remains on my list of desired features when looking at boats for sale. Just wondered why you've not opted for one (unless I'm wrong and you have!)


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ian,
I think it was a repeat? We have most of the canal documentaries saved on the Network Media Tank.

A mooring in Cambridge sounds lovely (and very handy to all facilities!)

Tom and Jan said...

I think you left a comment regarding possible cratch and pram covers which somehow wasn't posted.
YES.... our specifications include both covers. More details at a later date!