Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tiny wires

Well, not long after breakfast the bridge bus hopper departed for Sainbury’s and then Aldi.  Jan has certainly giving the bus pass a thrashing over the last few days!  Still,she has been saving money through selective shopping.
Nick needed assistance to get the capping on the plastic cable ducting under the port gunwale.  It was the last of the capping as I’d already done the rest of Waiouru.  Not surprisingly the task proved to be much easier when done by two people. Richard had previously concealed the ceiling wiring with oak trim so all the wires are now concealed (but accessible if required).
By the end of the day Richard had made and fitted the last of the ceiling trim (excluding the rear hatch surrounds).  Apparently he intends to start on the gunwale trim tomorrow.  In anticipation we searched through the stock container for power socket components.  The system is modular which enables the 240v and 12v sockets to be combined in the same faceplate.
Meanwhile Nick was modifying the wiring for the camera system monitor.  The original plug and socket were very flimsy and not weatherproof.  These were cut off and the wires stripped back so they could be connected to a more appropriate plug and socket.
I’m very pleased Nick was stripping the insulation off the wires and crimping on the pins.  Some of these thin cables actually had a 2nd “screen” cable around them.
My eyesight is so poor these days that I couldn’t possibly have threaded the wires into the pins.  The plug has now been fitted and I’ve also drilled and threaded the mounting holes for the socket in Waiouru’s cockpit.  We have decided not to fit the socket until the cockpit area has been painted.  However Nick did test the pin connections and the cameras are sending images to the monitor.  Open-mouthed smile
I suspect the cameras will be used quite regularly when we will start our cruising, but the frequency will likely decline as we gain experience in handling Waiouru.
The last job for the day was to use the wet-vac to remove most of the water that accidentally ran into the bilge yesterday.  We will keep monitoring the bilge as I like it to be DRY!

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