Thursday, 20 September 2012

More Progress

We woke this morning to find the temperature had dropped in the tent.  Jan wasn’t interested in a cuddle (all I wanted to do was get warm… honest!).  She was the first up and headed to the galley for her usual morning cuppa.  I stayed in bed attempting to drag the last of the warmth from her half of the duvet. My side is colder than hers as I’m against the door opening.  Note the “door opening”!  We haven’t had a front door for the last 7 days.  Richard had to remove my masterpiece of a door so he could fit the new timber frame into the shell.
Yesterday I mentioned the jig Richard made for the router so he could cut the slot in the edge of the front door for the lock.  Here’s a photo….
Today he finished routering the doors and then went on to fit all the hardware (hinges, locks, etc)  Whilst Richard was doing this I started sanding all the steel in the cratch.  By noon I looked filthy and, despite wearing a facemask, my nose was full of dry dust.  The grey hair looks even more grey!
After lunch Richard did a test fitting of the doors, but first he had to cut the hinge rebates in the door frame.  This was done “freehand” with a small router.  Note the sanded cratch! Smile
Each hinge was secured with a single screw as the purpose of the exercise was to check the alignment of the doors.
There is only one step down into the boat.  Richard is actually on his knees…honest!
All the doors are on “lift off” hinges as we don’t want them to “foul” the seating area in the cratch.
The doors fitted so well you’d think the timber grew there!  And here’s a photo of them open.
Richard then went on to make and fitted the ‘planted stops’ to the door frame.  After confirming everything fits the doors were removed and taken back to the workshop.  Tomorrow all the hardware will be removed and the doors will receive a final sanding before we start applying ‘Impreg’ to improve their resistance to water.  The door frame will receive similar treatment.  Then all the timber will be varnished before the final installation occurs.
The male half of this relationship was spoilt tonight when Jan made custard to go with the blackberry & apple sponge dessert.
Sunset is now earlier and the nights are getting colder.  A draught proof front door and a rear hatch would be nice! Smile


Peter Lee said...

I'm very impressed by the skill that Richard shows in his woodwork. Those doors look superb! Hope you get in the water soon...

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Peter,
Yes, Richard is doing a terrific job with all the joinery. I particularly like the way he thinks through the task before making a start.