Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lower Electrical Cabinet Finished

Nick has finished the work in the lower electrical cabinet and made a very neat job of all his (and my) wiring.

The top arrow points at my “little black box” which contains the 240v relay.  The left arrow points at the extraction fan and the bottom arrow indicates the location of the air input fan.  The fans work when the inverter is supplying 240v.

I’ve drilled ventilation holes through both sidewalls under the second step.  This enables the air from the electrical cabinet to be transferred to the wet locker.

Port (left) wall

Starboard (right) wall

The air is now rising up in the wet locker where it is joined by the warm air from the freezer.

The hole in the wall will eventually be covered by a ventilation plate.

Another ventilation plate will be mounted on the upper face of the wet locker door allowing the air to escape.  The charger was working rather hard after we had the 240v switched off for some time.  Despite this, the air being discharged by the fans wasn’t that hot.  Time will tell if the system is a success!

Arrow points at the planned location of the ventilation plate

Nick also soldered two wires across the Hurricane remote switch.  This enabled me to connect the remote to the 12v relay purchased yesterday.

Hurricane relay to the right and Oven/Fridge relay to the left.

The relay has been connected into the Empirbus system and I then spent 30 minutes playing around configuring the software so that it can be controlled by a switch beside our bed or a second switch in the back cabin.

Now it’s possible on a cold morning to reach out from under the blankets and turn on the heating.

Both switches have a LED to display the status of the Hurricane.

Nick also wired in the Thermostat/Timer in the saloon.

The man from LeeSan arrived in the afternoon to check our new LeeSan Headmaster toilet.

How would you like this as a company car?

It certainly catches your eye! Winking smile

Whilst he was checking the toilet I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the Headmaster.  It’s a new macerating toilet system designed by LeeSan.  The toilet has a stainless steel impeller rather than plastic and also has the most powerful motor of any macerating toilet.  The controls are electrical/mechanical rather than digital which LeeSan believes will improve ‘mean time between failure’.  The system also has a non-return valve in the effluent pipe which makes me somewhat pleased as our hose holds slightly more than 20 litres of effluent prior to it reaching the tank!

We received a lovely email from our Norwegian blog readers who we met last month.  Snorre had written earlier mentioning he had mislaid his camera which had all his canal holiday photos.  Fortunately the UK taxi company found it and kindly posted the camera to him. 

Snorre had taken a couple of photos at Aldermaston Wharf and he emails us copies.

Imperial Stormtrooper or ‘Tom the blowfly’

Who is this elderly couple standing in front of our boat?

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