Saturday, 8 September 2012

Interesting Solar Array

First question this morning from Nick was “Why haven’t you posted a photo of the completed access panel I made?”  I explained that we were taking our readers on a journey and therefore we didn’t want to reach the end of the story too quickly! Winking smile

Anyway, here is a photo of the fitted access panel.  Nick had to take the bow out of it to make the panel sit flat.  As you can see he has also removed all of the fitting from the column apart from the shore power socket.  We need that to keep the batteries charged and the 12v systems working.

The large surface areas in the cockpit have been sanded in preparation for painting. 

However there are still numerous patches where hand sanding is required.  Somehow I already feel more blisters!

Jan and I caught the Black 1 bus to Newbury mid morning.  One of us was overdue for a seniors haircut and Jan wanted a browse through Poundland and the 99p Shop.  As the bus passed over the canal a boat with an interesting solar array could be seen moored in the distance.  A swivel and tilting mounting bracket is something we are interested in installing on Waiouru so I took a walk to see how it was manufactured and installed.  We had left both cameras back in Waiouru, but then I remembered the mobile phone had a camera.

The solar panel mounting system on nb Destiny appears to be electrically controlled and ‘self-seeking’.  Likely to be well outside our price range!

It was a lovely day in Newbury.  Clear blue sky and quite warm!

People were eating their lunch down by the canal and feeding scraps to the swans.

On our return to Waiouru I decided to fit the infra-red motion detectors.  There are XX detectors and they are located at XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX. They connect into the Empirbus system which has the ability to send a Text message if they are activated.  There is also a siren in Waiouru which is located in the XXXXXXX.   (you didn’t really expect me to publish the details Winking smile)

More sanding tomorrow and we may even make a start on fitting the mushroom vents now the roof has been painted.

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