Tuesday, 11 September 2012

He painted over the bl**dy coach lines!!

Yesterday Waiouru looked something like this…….

Today Darren started painting…………..

And now, once again, we are back to being grey………..!

OK, so it’s the first undercoat and supposed to cover the coach line.  Which itself is under the tape!

Tomorrow the paint will be sanded back and the second undercoat applied.  Interestingly, applying the undercoat has revealed a number of imperfections in the steelwork that weren’t previously apparent.  He and I will have to fill them with “bog” tomorrow before starting the sanding.

Richard has finished making and fitting the gunwale trim. I then asked him if he would cut the holes for the gauges on the door to the upper electrical cabinet.  It took quite a long time to measure and mark up the door before he drilled and cut out the holes.

It was then sanded before being given a final coat of varnish.  Later in the day I fitted the gauges.

As you can see; the digital gauges for the diesel and water haven’t been installed.  Working out how to fit all the gauges and instruments onto the door has been quite an exercise.  Both Richard and I were concerned so much of the door would be removed that it might lose its structural integrity.  Hence the care taken with the layout of the gauges.  However, in the end this fear proved unfounded.  All the wiring behind the door still needs to be tidied.  Probably a job for Sunday when it’s quiet!

Richard has now moved on to making the vertical trim that will go above the gunwale line.  Meanwhile, there are more screw holes awaiting oak plugs.  The first job for tomorrow I think!

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