Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fore & Aft

Darren gave the red panels their 3rd coat of gloss and it looks like they will require a 4th.  He told me red is a particularly difficult colour to paint; even more so since lead in paint was banned.  However the panels are now starting to look very nice.

He then went on to inspect my sanding of the foredeck and bow before giving the area the first of two undercoats.

The deck and top of the diesel tank haven’t been painted as it’s the main access onto Waiouru.

After inspecting my sanding Darren then painted the cockpit and half the stern deck.

He had to disconnect the shore power to do the painting so we are currently running on the domestic battery bank. 

Darren will be sanding the area back tomorrow and giving everything another coat of paint.

Meanwhile Richard decided to remove the heads of the oak plugs in the screw holes.  We must have used over 1500 plugs so he has his work cut out!  By the end of the day he must have completed 65% of the boat. 

Every plug cut back and smoothed by hand with his expensive Japanese chisel.

A large number of the plugs are located above shoulder height and as a consequence Richard had sore shoulders by the end of the day.  He is going to mask all the laminated ceiling panel whilst Jan and I have agreed we will sand all the interior oak and give it a second coat of varnish.  The plan is to do this room by room as were are living aboard.


Ian said...

I don't recall seeing too many praiseworthy comments of Richards craftmanship by us blog readers. I must say for the record that his skill, which is so clearly shown by your photographs, is very much appreciated and will ensure Waiouru looks first class for many years to come. Well done Richard! and please let us know that he realises his skill is appreciated by us.

Tom and Jan said...

I would enthusiastically agree Ian. His work is high quality! He and I were talking today and he mentioned there used to be 5 joiners building a boat at the yard in 4 months. He has done almost all of the joinery on Waiouru single handed in the last 6 months.