Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Delicious Smells

Wonderful smells started wafting through Waiouru this morning.  They were emanating from the galley where Jan was making blackberry and apple jam. 

We had better get out there and do more picking!

Tearing my nose away from the galley I forced myself to concentrate on completing the installation of the water tank gauge.  The wiring wasn’t that difficult to connect but calibrating it proved to take longer than anticipated.  The instructions stated the tank had to be full, which took some time as it’s quite large.  Then the sender unit had to be calibrated whilst simultaneously watching the gauge.  As they are at opposite ends of the boat Jan was called upon to assist.  We could have done with “walkie talkies” but eventually the task was completed after a fair amount of shouting!

Right arrow is the water tank gauge.

Nick has yet to fit the sender units into the two diesel tanks hence the gaps below the water gauge.

Then I started thinking about all the electricity used by the gauges 24/7.  It doesn’t really amount to much… But then every bit saved may be important.  It didn’t take much to use the laptop to reconfigure the Empirbus system so the spare switch on the back 8 way panel (left arrow) turned all the gauges on/off.  Now the diesel, water tank and toilet tank gauges can be turned off.  We’ll probably only turn them on once daily to check their status.

The remainder of the day was spent either plugging screw holes with oak plugs or filling and sanding back minor pitting in the steel welds on the exterior of Waiouru.

No painting has been done today because the yard is a man person down and four boats had to be either lifted in or out.  However Richard continued making and fitting oak wall trim.


Jannock said...

Whilst we were on our recent holiday Brenda managed a new record of 1 hour between the blackberries being on the bush and in the jam jar as blackberry jam. see www.jannock.blogspot.co.uk for our summer trip log (had to metion that as I'm not on your blog list yet ;^)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Graham,
So Brenda has a secret location where there are plenty of blackberries. We're less fortunate and have to share with the locals! :-)
Thanks for pointing out you're missing off the blog list. I'm not sure how it happened but I will rectify that immediately!