Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Darren reveals all!

Today was a repeat of yesterday with Darren sanding the rear and cabin sides before Jan and I brushed them down and then used the Tac cloths to remove the last of the dust.  Darren then spent the remainder of the day applying the final coat of graphite and light grey paint.  Then the excitement got to him and he had to remove the masking tape covering the coachlines.

Yesterday Waiouru looked like this…..

And now she looks like this……..

Jan claims she chose BMW colours for Waiouru!Smile

It’s Darren’s day off tomorrow and whilst he is away we are going to start sanding down the cratch area.

Richard has made great progress with the front doors.  After removing them from the clamps all the surplus glue was scrapped off before they were sanded smooth.  Next the rebates were cut into the relevant edges of all four doors so they will close in an interlocking manner.

Close-up of the centre join

After all the edges were routed and sanded the doors were taken to Waiouru and tested to see they fit snuggly into the door frame. 

Doors laid on a flat surface to check for any warping

Having successfully passed that test Richard made a start on cutting out the rebate for the door lock whilst I made the template for the glass which Richard will give to the glazier on his way home.

Richard made two jigs.  One to hold the door on its edge and the second to hold the router vertical whilst he cut out the rebate for the lock.

Richard checks the lock in the rebate.  Router jig in the right foreground.

In line with our thoughts about security the lock is a mortise 5 lever deadlock.  Tomorrow Richard will finish fitting the door hinges, lock and striker plate.  The hardware will then be removed and the doors will be given a number of coats of ‘Impreg’ to improve their resistance to water.

Jan managed to find the time pick more blackberries (however not as many as Brenda from nb Jannock) Smile I will do my duty tonight by eating some of the blackberry and apple pudding!

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