Monday, 17 September 2012


More grey paint today!  But not until the afternoon as the morning was spent sanding.  Darren did the cabin sides and gunwales whilst I sanded the remainder of the cockpit.  I also used the battery angle grinder in an effort to removed some of the splatter left over after the welder finished some of his joins when manufacturing the hull.

Darren then carefully applied the second and final undercoat to the port side.  The recessed panels have been sanded but left with their original coat of primer.

He won’t start undercoating the recessed panels until the final top coat has been painted onto the sides of the cabin.  This is because the edges of the panels will need to be masked as the recessed panel is going to be painted red.

Darren then went on to paint the starboard side.

The back and rear cabin hatch were then done.

Underneath the masking tape is the cream coachline.  Inside the line will be painted graphite and the outer will be grey.

Things should start to get more exciting tomorrow when he starts on the cabin topcoat.

His plan was to give the gunwales a second undercoat today.  However other unplanned work took him away from Waiouru for just over an hour.

I’ve been carefully watching his painting technique as the paintwork on Waiouru will require maintenance at some future date and want to ensure I do it correctly.

Whilst Darren was painting I struggled with a missing wiring circuit.  Somehow the 12v cable to the mobile phone socket had been left out.  Trying to run the cable after all the cabinetwork has been installed proved to be somewhat problematic.  It was compounded by my lack of flexibility and poor eyesight (oh to be young again!).  Well the wires are now installed but in the process I broke one of the computer fans cooling the Victron inverter.  Back to eBay for a replacement!  <grrrrrrrr>

Jan has been cooking a chicken in the slow cooker (crockpot) all day.  Damned hard to work with the smell of chicken under your nose!  The great thing about cooking this way is the flesh just falls off the bones.

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