Friday, 7 September 2012

Big and small holes

Nick cut the access hole in the control column today.  First he masked out the area with tape.

Paper masking tape used to mark out the rectangular panel.

Then he used an angle grinder to cut out the access panel before changing to a polishing disc to remove the sharp edges.

Nick then welded a small section of steel plate into each corner of the hole before drilling and tapping them.  A stainless steel machine screw in each corner will secure the plate.  Whilst Nick was cleaning up the panel cover I vacuumed the cavity before giving the whole area a quick coat of primer.

Nick then returned and drilled the four holes for the switches above the access panel and to the left of the Morse controller.

They are momentary action switches and will be connected to the Empirbus system.  Their functions are: (top to bottom) Horn, Headlamp, Navigation lights, Deck light.  The deck light can be seen immediately below the access hole in the photo above. 

Having the access panel is a good idea as it will make the job of fitting and maintaining the various pieces of equipment mounted on the column much easier.

Meanwhile Richard has been fitting oak trim to the gunwales.  He has finished the starboard side and is already part the way down the port side.

Oak trim.

I have been following along behind gluing oak plugs into the screw holes.  Wherever there is a 240v or 12v socket in gunwale Richard has made a piece of oak trim to accommodate the sockets.

This one will consist of a 240v socket and switch along with a 12v socket.  The lining behind will be cut out to accommodate the actual sockets and switch. Richard thinks he might be making a start on the cabin front stable doors sometime next week.

Jan has been busy baking fresh bread for lunch and preparing the blackberries that we picked last night and again this morning.  A shortage of jars is preventing her from making jam at this time.

Tomorrow will see the return of Darren and hopefully some progress on the exterior painting.

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