Saturday, 15 September 2012

Another “Fiddly” Bit Done!

After a windy night we woke to light drizzle.  Obviously we’ve become accustomed to English weather as neither of us bothered to put on a raincoat!
Richard was only able to spend half the day on Waiouru so he decided to measure and make the oak surround for the hatch opening at the stern.  Some of the steelwork isn’t level and there is also the curve in the ceiling.  The opposite sides of the hatch opening were slightly different lengths.
Notwithstanding this, Richard overcame all the obstacles and was able to make the surrounds with my assistance me doing my usual holding; or fetching and carrying!
The oak hatch trim upside down on the workbench
All this timber will be frequently exposed to the elements so Richard wanted it thoroughly treated before being installed.  This was done by giving it three coats of ‘Impreg’ which is a pre-varnishing product.
The trim will receive a final coat of Impreg after being fitted.  A similar process will occur with the oak front doors.
The second task for the day was to match the three Houdini hatches with their openings.  This was achieved by ‘trial and error’.  The 3rd hatch couldn’t be fitted until I removed the excess spray foam which I applied yesterday.  The ‘Leatherman’ blade cut through it rather easily as you can see in the following photo.
Before the foam it looked like this……..
And this is the view from the inside
The area is now well insulated.  Tomorrow we will go to Newbury and whilst there I’ll purchase another can of spray foam from Screwfix.  So there is STILL MORE spray foam to be completed on Waiouru! Later this afternoon Andy gave me the chrome ‘plank and pole’ rack fittings along with the stainless steel ceiling surround for the Refleks stove.  I’ll probably attempt to fit all of them on Sunday. 
Jan has been experimenting with her cooking and for dinner tonight made a Zucchini slice based on a recipe from FMiL (favourite mother-in-law).  It was followed by fresh strawberries, raspberries and ice cream (delicious!) <burp>

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