Sunday, 16 September 2012

A walk to Newbury

As both Darren and Richard were not going to be at the boatyard today the original plan (well my plan) was for us to take the day off and go to Newbury.  Whilst there I planned to visit Screwfix and purchase another can of the damned insulation spray foam.  Jan demurred, not wanting to make the journey just so I could visit Screwfix.  As an alternative she suggested I go for my usual Sunday walk on Saturday which would free me up to work with Darren on Sunday as he is scheduled to paint Waiouru.

In the end I made the decision to combine both activities and walk to Screwfix.  It was a pleasant 11 mile morning walk along the towpath.  This time I took the small Samsung camera and managed to take a few photo’s.

Just west of Thatcham is this turf sided lock. 

One assumes it’s rather cheaper to maintain when compared to a conventional lock.  Although getting on and off a boat once in it might be somewhat more difficult?

Further on there was another lock in a pleasant rural setting.

It was around here that my stomach started asking my throat if it had been cut.  Taking the hint from my grumbling abdomen I stopped at a convenient canal side bench to eat my stale donut and banana.

That’s when I noticed the plaque.

What a wonderful gift!

The Newbury Boat Company is located on the eastern edge of Newbury.  It might be a good idea to do some research and find out what facilities and services are available for boaters as we are likely to pass this way on Waiouru

Leaving Screwfix £4.39 lighter, but with the weight of one can in my pack, I made my way back to Waiouru in time for a late lunch. Then it was time to get onto the roof and use the can of foam insulation.  This time the content was divided over the last two Houdini hatches.  Initially it looked like the foam wasn’t going to fill the void in the hatch surrounds.  However after 15 minutes it had steadily expanded to almost completely fill the space.  Then it was a matter of waiting until the foam had hardened so the surplus could cut be removed with my trusty Leatherman.

Before trimming back took place

Back inside Waiouru I initially thought we had been visited by an albino dog!

But it was only spray foam “droppings” from the overhead hatch. Smile  Just like dog droppings… You let it go hard before attempting to remove it!

Tomorrow should be a day of sanding followed by painting the cabin sides with a second layer of undercoat.


B0atG1rl said...

Having talked about this today I'm amused to discover that the grass sided lock you photographed is in fact the one that we had to bow haul Arianrhod through due to "something going ping in the engine" it was not the most pleasant of experiences (and one I hope never to have to repeat) however it was made more entertaining than it might otherwise have been by the presence of a genial volunteer lock keeper clad in a velvet dinner jacket, complete with a silver topped cane and windlass...

I shall try to get Skippy to dig out the photograph later.

I hope you can share some of the history of these locks with us (once you've had your lesson) as they are fascinating,, not to mention nigh on impossible to single hand.

It was lovely to meet the two of you today.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi B0atG1rl,
Thanks for taking the time to come and visit. Jan and I both enjoyed meeting you and 'Skippy'. Hopefully we will met again somewhere out on the network.